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Fri, Jun 23 2017

The Wright Angle | Tipping Point

Central Florida is on the verge, I believe, of an economic surge whose impact compares to the launch of Disney World in the early ‘70s or manned space flight in the early ‘60s. Most of the reasons for this you know. Kennedy Space Center has thrown off the palls Read more
Fri, Jun 23 2017

Coach’s Corner | Vision

THE PEOPLE WILL PERISH WITHOUT VISION. Vision is what draws us towards the future, fires our enthusiasm and inspires creativity. But it is when the powerful ingredient of vision is blended with ageless values that we inspire confident action. Thus, where we are going will help us be who Read more
Wed, Jun 21 2017

Publisher’s Profile | Without Boundaries

Regionalism is a central term in the modern economy. Historic boundaries that define cities, counties and states simply do not apply to commerce and innovation. In Central Florida, on average, more than 40 percent of the residents who live in a particular county work in another. For some counties Read more
Wed, May 31 2017

Coach’s Corner: Synergy

“Synergy is when two or more decent respectful human beings come together to work toward a common goal that is bigger thanthesumtotaloftheindividuals.” – Stephen Covey As we know from previous conversations, Rich DeVos describes the four stages of business or life as: 1) BUILD – CREATE STAGE 2) MANAGE Read more
Wed, May 31 2017

The Wright Angle

What, Me Worry? Conquering the Conundrum of Modern Life You may have heard about the woman who, for years, had been suffering from sleeplessness because she was so anxious about the possibility of a burglar breaking into her house. One night she woke her husband, this time certain she Read more
Wed, May 31 2017

Publisher’s Highlight – June

Healthy Life, Happy Life National health expenditures hit $3.35 trillion last year, which works out to over $10,000 for every man, woman and child in America. This underscores the high priority Americans put on this essential component of quality of life in the modern world and why healthcare is Read more
Mon, May 01 2017

The Wright Angle – The Power of Awakenings

By: Eric Wright As a young boy, before the age of smartphones, video games, DVDs, CDs or even cassette tape players in automobiles, my mother used to keep my brother and I occupied on our annual summer vacation pilgrimages by reading books to us. For some reason her presentation Read more
Mon, Apr 24 2017

Coach’s Corner: Influence Not Imposition

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams John Maxwell defines leadership as one word: influence. Leadership is influence – dictatorship is imposition, yet both require influence. So the question must be asked: “influence of what?” Read more
Mon, Apr 24 2017

Publisher’s Profile

Winning the Talent Pipeline or Losing Everything Else By: Eric Wright In his bestseller, “The Coming Jobs War,” Jim Clifton, the former chairman of Gallup, describes the competition for global job creation as a war. Before you start conjuring images of an international apocalypse, consider that the modern world Read more
Wed, Apr 19 2017

Fidelity Bank of Florida Names Rudy Dubovec to Board of Directors

Merritt Island, Florida (April 10, 2017) – Rudy Dubovec was elected to the Fidelity Bank of Florida Board of Directors, announced Janson Davis, Chairman. Mr. Dubovec began his career as Lieutenant, Nuclear Weapons Officer in the US Navy. He graduated from Gannon College in Erie, PA with a Bachelor Read more
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