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Fri, Aug 25 2017

Coach’s Corner | Validating Desire

Growth starts with desire: A desire to learn, try, adventure and build. Deep inside us all is a desire to determine our purpose and leave our mark on this world. Harvey Mackay said, “Find something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” He Read more
Fri, Aug 25 2017

Publisher’s Highlight | It is Time to Celebrate

By: Eric Wright  Though Mark Twain once said, “Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable,” there are some remarkable statistics we need to know about, particularly in regards to Florida. We are enjoying an unemployment rate of 4.1 percent and declining, with Orlando leading the state by Read more
Tue, Aug 01 2017

Wright Angle | Ignorance is Not Bliss

A Perspective on Economic Development By: Eric Wright You may be surprised to learn our founders hotly debated the constitutionality of the federal government being involved in road construction projects to facilitate travel and commerce. In fact, Andrew Jackson vetoed one such project, the Maysville Road, on the grounds Read more
Tue, Aug 01 2017

One on One | Ken Potrock

Incoming Chair of the Orlando Economic Partnership It is a comment that has been repeated about this area so often, it seems almost like a mantra. “I came to this community for a job or career opportunity and something else happened beyond the borders of our company. I saw that Read more
Tue, Aug 01 2017

Coach’s Corner | Process Orientation

“Quality is not an act; it is a habit.” – Aristotle Good business processes mean nothing without great people. To implement a process that consistently produces a quality product or service, you must invest in people. Develop people so that they are performing at their best; from this, excellent Read more
Tue, Aug 01 2017

Publisher’s Highlight | Still the Driver

Though the Orlando Economic Partnership proudly promotes its slogan, “Orlando. You don’t know the half of it,” it is quick to point out it was leaders from the tourism industry who helped lead and craft that messaging campaign. In addition, the leisure and hospitality industry has helped underwrite the Read more
Fri, Jun 23 2017

The Wright Angle | Tipping Point

Central Florida is on the verge, I believe, of an economic surge whose impact compares to the launch of Disney World in the early ‘70s or manned space flight in the early ‘60s. Most of the reasons for this you know. Kennedy Space Center has thrown off the palls Read more
Fri, Jun 23 2017

Coach’s Corner | Vision

THE PEOPLE WILL PERISH WITHOUT VISION. Vision is what draws us towards the future, fires our enthusiasm and inspires creativity. But it is when the powerful ingredient of vision is blended with ageless values that we inspire confident action. Thus, where we are going will help us be who Read more
Wed, Jun 21 2017

Publisher’s Profile | Without Boundaries

Regionalism is a central term in the modern economy. Historic boundaries that define cities, counties and states simply do not apply to commerce and innovation. In Central Florida, on average, more than 40 percent of the residents who live in a particular county work in another. For some counties Read more
Wed, May 31 2017

Coach’s Corner: Synergy

“Synergy is when two or more decent respectful human beings come together to work toward a common goal that is bigger thanthesumtotaloftheindividuals.” – Stephen Covey As we know from previous conversations, Rich DeVos describes the four stages of business or life as: 1) BUILD – CREATE STAGE 2) MANAGE Read more
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