Category - Women in Business

Dena Jalbert | Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Dena Jalbert knows entrepreneurs tend to suffer from “shiny light syndrome,” turning to the next big project that catches their eye. Sometimes they say yes too quickly to a contract that might not be...

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Davia Moss | Spirit of Collaboration

In just six years as executive director of The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools, Davia Moss facilitated the growth of annual revenue from $1 million to $7.5 million. In that same time...

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Shelley Lauten | Spirit of Advocacy

If Shelley Lauten were to write the Great American Novel she had envisioned herself authoring when she was a child, the protagonist might be a self-professed book nerd who grew up to get a job at the...

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Suneera Madhani | Spirit of Innovation

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Suneera Madhani might just be living under a rock. The CEO of Orlando-based Fattmerchant has been featured everywhere from Fast Company, Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines...

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Aha Moment | Kaitlyn Study

  Kaitlyn Study strikes those she meets as surefooted and steady in her knowledge of both herself and her career — and with good reason. The path to her current role as owner and creative...

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Love of Storytelling | Carolyn Capern

“I grew up in a house that loves knowledge,” said Carolyn Capern, co-founder and digital storyteller at CTS Agency. “My mom recently retired after 13 years as a school librarian, and my dad works for...

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Thrown Into the Fire | Lena Rivera

Lena Rivera was figuratively thrown into the fire on her first day as director of public works and utilities for the city of Winter Springs. Literally, however, Rivera was tossed into a deluge of...

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ATHENA PowerLink | Andrea Jernigan-Gwinn

Since 2004, Civil/Site Engineering Inc. has collaborated with developers and public agencies throughout Florida to create solutions to their infrastructure needs that deliver lasting benefits to the...

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Keeping up with Change | Helen Barnabei

Helen Barnabei has worked in banking for 19 years, and her experience in both commercial and community institutions has allowed her to watch the industry evolve. Her career journey has taken her...

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