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Success Focused on the ‘Why’

In the early 1900s, Samuel Pierpont Langley was working on inventing the first airplane. He was an American astronomer, physicist, inventor and aviation pioneer. At the same time, the Wright Brothers...

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Onward and Upward

By: CHERISE CZABAN & ERIC WRIGHT The Space Coast has come a long way since the days when the first unmanned rockets lifted off from the Cape. Forty-nine years ago this month, Neil Armstrong...

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Get Well Soon

The U.S. healthcare market remains the largest in the world, not only in terms of dollars spent, but also by the percentage of GDP — approximately $3 trillion a year and close to 18 percent of U.S...

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Get Smart

Our country, from its inception, has put a premium on education. Historically, it was considered a prerequisite of good citizenship to be informed and therefore to have the ability to read. It was...

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Every year our organization internally debates whether we should have a Women in Business issue or simply continue to highlight the brilliant women business leaders and entrepreneurs in the region in...

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Under Construction

Someone once said, “The road to success is always under construction.” It is certainly true in life and evidently equally true of those regions, like ours, that are working to produce successful...

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Don’t Take My Dog

Perhaps you heard the story of the man walking along a country road who comes across a shepherd with a large flock of sheep. He tells the shepherd, “I’ll bet you $100 against one of your sheep...

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‘Tis The Season

Whether you deck the halls or light a Menorah, it is the time of year we all like to gather with family and friends to remember our blessings and rekindle the joy that comes from giving.

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