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Launching Innovation in Learning: READY, SET, DISRUPT

For over 50 years, I/ITSEC has been the premier global training and simulation conference, attracting thousands of attendees from all over the world. Attendees include military and civilian leaders, scientists, technologists, developers, producers and users of simulation and training. Held in Orlando each year, the conference includes not only rich content with paper presentations, tutorials, special events and professional workshops, but it also is an opportunity for attendees to touch and experience simulations and new technologies in almost 200,000 net square feet of exhibit space with 450 exhibitors that include mega defense contractors, as well as small innovative businesses, academia and more.

I/ITSEC is an event that provides attendees the ability to hear from the highest leaders in the Department of Defense, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. This year’s service keynote presentations will come from the Navy and Marine Corps leadership, and the industry keynote from The Boeing Company.

As simulation touches the lives of every business sector, the conference explores topics and new technologies that change training and education, the way business is done, and how we work and interact in our global economy. It challenges the brightest inventors and researchers to create and embrace evolving technology, and to think differently to ensure our workers — in every industry — receive the best training and education possible to prepare them for the challenges of a technology-focused business environment. From cyber to healthcare, and everything in between, I/ITSEC sets the bar for excellence in industry and, most importantly, ensures our military service members are prepared for the complex missions they will face on the battlefield or anywhere in the world.

A Sampling of I/ITSEC 2018 Key Events

M&S Caucus

On Monday, the Modeling and Simulation Caucus gets things under way as attendees get an opportunity to hear from some of the training and simulation leaders in Congress. This forum provides an opportunity for advocacy to ensure the value of training and simulation, in support of national security, remains at the forefront.

General/Flag Officer Panel

As global forces continue to be challenged by erratic budgets and expanding threats, senior military service leaders from the U.S. and NATO will discuss innovation in learning and how to prepare our forces to be ready to engage new disruptive technologies to prepare military members for the next conflict.

Navy Panel

The Navy the Nation Needs. Navy flag officers will discuss how the U.S. Navy plans to advance the best-prepared fighting force in the world. By launching innovation in learning, the Navy will combine the latest learning innovations with sound instructional techniques to provide and transform traditional military training to career learning.

Marine Corps Panel

Launching Innovation in Learning for Marine Corps Training. A panel of Marine Corps leaders will discuss how innovation in learning is preparing future leaders. This panel will provide insight into planned innovations for Marine training, in concert with the National Security Strategy and the Commandant’s Planning Guidance, emphasizing areas including acquisition, research and technology to ensure mission readiness.

Data and Cyber

Multiple events will take place highlighting big data and its applications in training and simulation and the broad applications that exist to embrace these technologies. Similarly, attendees will learn in various events and sessions about cyber impacts — everything from how the military acquires new systems to how we protect information.

On the Bleeding Edge:

Artificial intelligence, intelligent tutoring, blending various domains for comprehensive training in live, virtual or constructive environments, and other topics will be prominent at this year’s event. Attendees will hear innovators, scientists and simulationists on the evolving technologies and opportunities to change the way we learn, educate and live.

Launch Pad

Led by Team Orlando, Launch Pad is new to I/ITSEC. It provides a forum where industry, academia and government participants can display innovative technologies to conference attendees. With focused presentations, the showcase gives early insight to evolving science and technologies that may be included in future acquisition efforts, or identified for early prototype/rapid fielding initiatives.

Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGS&C)

Since 2006, one of I/ITSEC’s highlights has been the SGS&C. From August until late in September, organizations submit their games for the competition, and the finalists are notified in mid-October in time for them to plan attendance at I/ITSEC, where the final part of the competition occurs and they showcase their game on the exhibit floor. By challenging game developers, students, and companies or individuals, SGS&C fosters creativity and innovation in serious game development. Winners are announced on November 29. Check the program at the conference for more details.

For more information about the conference, visit the I/ITSEC website at: www.iitsec.org

Sponsored and organized by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), an affiliate subsidiary of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA).

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