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How Content Can Drive Your Campaign

When constructing and executing a marketing campaign, you will first have to determine what kind of strategy will most effectively and efficiently accomplish your goals. It may seem there are as many different approaches to marketing as there are companies to utilize them, but tailoring your strategy to fit your brand, as well as your audience, is crucial to a successful campaign.

What is Content Marketing?

An approach rapidly gaining credibility, thanks largely to its successful results for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, is content marketing. These campaigns are closely related to the increasingly popular inbound and social media strategies, and can easily be used to supplement them. Inbound campaigns, for instance, revolve around attracting and understanding an audience through content they will find relevant and helpful and will directly address their needs. This approach, with its emphasis on a more perceptive and responsive model, is most easily driven through the content that is produced and distributed. Content marketing utilizes webpages, blogs, videos, podcasts, books and social media to circulate relevant stories, advice or news that will draw an audience, hold their attention and produce responses.

Help Your Audience Find You

The way in which companies advertise is evolving rapidly. Living in a world where we are constantly bombarded by messages promoting products or services, advertisers feel the need to come up with new campaigns that will resonate with their audiences, and content offers plenty of benefits when constructing them. These strategies are effective for an obvious reason: they reach out to people where they are and provide them with something they want. Consumers want interesting stories, relevant news and helpful advice. They want something easily shareable that leaves them with the feeling they have taken something away from the message, not just been bombarded by a sales pitch. Through consistent, curated content like this, an audience can grow.

Content marketing is not just beneficial to the audience. Providing your customers with messages they feel are valuable or insightful means building trust and interest, vital elements when trying to increase customer loyalty. Creating content means creating a relationship with your audience. Rather than a broad, impersonal message focused entirely on the brand, this content is designed for your specific consumer – those who will be most responsive to your product. The social media aspect of these campaigns can be especially useful for this purpose. Through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat, followers can provide immediate feedback, allowing you to better understand what it is they are looking for and what they might need. All of these factors work together to build your audience and solidify your reputation.

Creating a Campaign

Executing a campaign driven by content involves utilizing several channels and forms of media to engage your audience. Coming up with content might seem challenging, but there are many successful examples available to provide inspiration. Simply take a look at your Facebook feed and you can find links to articles, blogs, and videos distributed by brands looking to engage consumers. Focus on what your audience is looking for and what services you provide. If you can, capitalize on trends in your industry. A clothing brand might share a blog about this season’s most popular colors or patterns, while a hardware store might create a video about an easy DIY project. Creating several pieces of your campaign all at once and then scheduling them can alleviate a lot of the stress that may come with keeping up with a content marketing strategy.

After you have created or curated larger pieces, you can easily pull from these to create short-form content that can be used over the course of a longer period of time. These can then be shared through social media channels, and the responses can spark conversations or questions, driving even more ideas for your campaign. Content marketing allows you to educate and inform your audience, communicate your message, and build a better relationship with your market.

Content’s Capabilities

With an emphasis on relevance, consistency and value, content marketing creates a positive reputation for your company and offers up opportunity for expanding your audience. Pairing a content driven campaign with inbound and social media-based strategies has already led to creative and innovative projects with impressive results.

Cherise Czaban, SCB Marketing

Cherise Czaban is the vice president of business development at SCB Marketing, i4 Business, SpaceCoast Business and SpaceCoast Living Magazine. She can be contacted at cherise@scbmarketing.com or (321) 848-3530.

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