Important LYNX in Urban Living

“Transit costs less than driving a car, and provides sustainable and green alternatives to the single occupant vehicle.”

It is a great time to be in the business of providing mobility options for Central Floridians. As we begin to transition out of the economic recession that has gripped our nation over the last several years, LYNX must position itself to meet the demands of a growing region and a growing economy.

LYNX is expanding our Bus Rapid Transit System (LYMMO) in downtown Orlando to connect the neighborhoods of Thornton Park and Parramore to downtown destinations such as the Performing Arts Center, the Amway Center, the Citrus Bowl, and the Creative Village.

The LYMMO was developed to give people free access to public transportation in the downtown business, entertainment and shopping district. LYMMO has its own lane and controls its own traffic signals to make sure it is never slowed down by traffic. And because LYMMO is so centrally located, wherever you are and wherever you’re going, downtown is probably within a block of LYMMO. Studies are also underway to develop premium transit service along the U.S. 192 corridor in Osceola County and the SR50 corridor in Orange County.

Reaching New Milestones

LYNX, like transit systems throughout the nation, is experiencing a renaissance. Since 2008, Lynx has experienced exponential increases in ridership. Each of the last three years, LYNX has broken record ridership levels. Through the first two quarters of our FY13, we are on track JUNE2013[57 

to break the 30 million rider mark. Changing attitudes about public transportation and the economy have been two important factors driving this record ridership. And while LYNX has not added significant new routes or corridors, changing attitudes and the economy have pushed this record ridership.

Technology will play a very important role in attracting new riders to public transit. There is no question about the economic and environmental benefits that public transit brings to the individual rider. Transit costs less than driving a car, and provides sustainable and green alternatives to the single occupant vehicle.

Transit also enables a productive commute, allowing the rider to relax, catch up on emails or utilize their iPad to the fullest capacity. Changing lifestyles have created the value of our time as the most important factor when people choose their commuting habits.

SunRail/LYNX Connection

On the horizon is SunRail, which will be a transit game changer for our region and will be a major catalyst in introducing high-level public transit to new riders. At LYNX, our role is providing efficient connections to SunRail users and technology will play a vital role in that service. Every LYNX bus is equipped with GPS technology that assists us in managing our system and maximizing our on time performance. The key future benefit of this technology will be our ability to provide real time information to our customers about the location and arrival time of their bus.

I am very excited about the prospects for integration of this technology into Lynx’s transit model. Imagine sitting on a SunRail train and using your smart phone to schedule your pick up by a LYNX NeighborLink vehicle, or look at real time information for LYMMO or a LYNX bus that will meet you at the SunRail station and take you to your final destination, and then the same scenario on your reverse trip. Advancing technology at LYNX will allow us to streamline and remove the unknowns from transit use. This will be the single most important investment that we make for our customer.