Weathering the Storms of Life

Experience helps us interpret the circumstances around us to predict the next storm and where it is coming from.

How to Bring Good from Every Situation

“April showers bring May flowers.”

The origin of this classic saying dates back to the 1500s when Thomas Tusser wrote the poem:

Sweet April showers
Do spring May flowers.

The underlying message of the poem is still true today: it takes patience to weather the storms of our lives, but afterwards good things come. Nature teaches us so much if we pay attention; the storms do bring flowers and so much more.

The storms of life are a fact. And regardless of your stage in life, you are in one of these three conditions:

1. You are entering a storm 

2. You are in a storm

3. You have just left a storm

Experience helps us interpret the circumstances around us to predict the next storm and where it is coming from. In nature, cows will lie down in the pasture hours before a thundershower arrives. With technology, a Doppler radar system can reveal meteorological conditions undetectable to the eye. Wouldn’t it be nice to have such finely tuned instincts or technology to tell us about the storms coming in our lives? But remember, even technology and cows don’t get it right every time.

Granted, some storms are totally unexplainable and unexpected, yet we can still handle them with our character and bring good from all situations. The difficult thing is the time required to heal or recover from the storm.


5 Keys to Handling the Storms

Preparation – The authors of the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared,” clearly understood the most important ingredient in training young people for life. Preparation means physical, fiscal, mental and emotional. Opportunity is usually surrounded with adversity, but that is where the truth is found and the difference between the talkers and the doers is exposed. Only in adversity does the true character of a person appear.

Wisdom – Seek wisdom in all matters. Emotions cloud good judgment. You may expect the 6-year-old child in the grocery store who is denied ice cream to pitch a fit; maturity is the ability to control your emotions and see the longer term. Experience is a wonderful teacher and wisdom is gained from it; thankfully you can even gain wisdom from another’s prior experience and carry that wisdom into your own situations.

Patience – Time is the most precious commodity of all; you can never get time back. We need to utilize time during storms, rather than just wishing time would accelerate and our circumstances would change. We must allow time to work its magic especially in the post storm period. This can be one of the most frustrating times for an individual and rushing it often forfeits the lessons that can be gained.

Faith – Remember, this too shall pass.  The definition of faith and fear is exactly the same: how we perceive the things unseen in our future.  Your future outcomes depend on which one you use as your compass – faith or fear. Remember, courage is not the absence of fear – it’s acting in spite of fear.


And remember this next one, no matter what is happening or what will happen in your life:

Gratitude – The dictionary defines it as “a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgement of a benefit that one has or will receive.” Gratitude causes us to squeeze the advantage out of every life experience and positions us to gain rather than be victimized by circumstances. It also goes a long way in raising the sense of value our spouses, co-workers, neighbors and friends feel as a result of being in our presence.

Remember the word “influence” and “influenza” come from the same root. Gratitude has a way of infecting people around us with a sense of joy, respect and appreciation of who and where we are.


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