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At an early age, Wendy Kurtz fell in love with books and, to this day, that enthusiasm for words has ignited her career. Today, Kurtz’s job allows her to blend her two loves,  reading and support for professional development, into a career.

For many, writing a book and/or public speaking can feel like a daunting and overwhelming mountain to climb, but Kurtz is passionate about helping busy executives become published authors and get paid to speak. “From story idea to bookstore shelf or program concept to onstage presentation, I work with clients to clearly define and articulate who they are, what they do, how they do it and for whom they do it,” she explained.

Every day she opens her clients eyes to see the myriad of possibilities available as a result of their unique backgrounds and then facilitates their ability to leverage those opportunities to achieve their goals – whether it is a business development tactic, to raise product awareness or perhaps, for some, it’s their exit strategy from a business they built or a career they’re leaving.

Kurtz said the most flabbergasting thing is how many successful business professionals believe no one will be interested in what they have to say beyond the scope of their day job. “Today’s marketplace is screaming for real life examples, not just feel-good success stories. Readers and audiences want to know the real story, the behind-the-scenes details. There is tremendous interest in lessons learned, with strategies, tips and techniques they can implement immediately in their businesses and their lives,” she said.

As a woman, Kurtz believes her intuitive ability has been a tremendous advantage, as she is able to pick up on the subtle, emotional messages and nonverbal queues that men often miss. She went on to say, “It enables me to resonate with prospects quickly and gives them a sense that I “get” them, a critical factor for my clients given the nature of our work.”

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