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Content Makes The Digital World Go ‘Round

Tom Jelneck tastefully feeds his hungry audiences on a daily basis. His premise “content makes the digital world go ‘round” has lead Jelneck, the owner of On Target Digital Marketing, to great success in this evergreen marketing industry.

Staying “On Target” with Digital Marketing

With rich content and an evolving attitude as his main tools to fight the noisy world we live in, digital marketing entrepreneur and content machine Tom Jelneck tastefully feeds his hungry audiences on a daily basis. His premise “content makes the digital world go ‘round” has lead Jelneck, the owner of On Target Digital Marketing, to great success in this evergreen marketing industry.

Communication, sales, and search engine optimization (SEO) are some of the positions that configure Jelneck’s background. All of them together helped to build the path that would help him dig deeper into SEO and digital marketing to finally realize the common key among digital marketing – content.

tom-jelneckDuring his marketing journey, Jelneck found joy watching a client rise to the top of the search engines while transforming the client’s business as a result of his efforts. Moved by these gratifying experiences, he decided to open his own digital marketing agency, On Target, in 2005.

“Getting clients to the top, getting clients talked about, getting clients more leads and more traffic still brings a smile to my face at the end of every day.”

Staying Out In Front

Since then, he admits that this industry has evolved tremendously. “I’ve seen many companies fold, and I’ve seen many more companies hit the SEO scene.”

Knowing how to adapt and evolve with the industry has been the key for his success in digital marketing. For Jelneck, content is what makes the Internet come alive, and in order to move the needle for his clients’ websites, that’s what he and his expert team of digital marketers do all day long. 

on-target-web-solutionsHis english and communications degree, along with a side of philosophy and theology, have given Jelneck an opportunity to become an early adopter of what is still considered one of the newest terms when it comes to digital marketing – content marketing.

“Users own the browser; users own the Google search box. You have to feed the user what they want in order to get the results your business needs. Content has and always will be the root, or the core motivation, as to why consumers are on the Internet in the first place.”

Jelneck believes content marketing represents a shift in the fundamentals of marketing, in that it’s now a pull-marketing mentality rather than a push-marketing one. He says, “As a business, your mission online should be to pull people to your brand via a content creation strategy. Pull your audience to you by creating amazing content that they can digest, love, and share throughout their social media channels.”

Be Unique; Be a Content Machine

His passion in writing and his eagerness to deliver value to his client’s audience have challenged Jelneck to continue to find ways to make an impact in the content marketing industry. With podcasts as a powerful tool to deliver content for certain audiences, Jelneck goes a step further and believes that in the future we’ll be able to see a bit more educational content for TV or Internet-related content providers, like Netflix.

Tools like Periscope and Snapchat will progressively gain power in today’s emerging content industry, according to Jelneck. But what’s more important, content will influence a consumer’s purchasing decisions.   

In the eyes of Jelneck, it seems a little ironic that in an online world with so many advertising and marketing techniques, it’s the power of the positive review that moves the e-commerce business. In other words, people trust people. “The Internet has changed the way people buy, and our job as marketers is to make certain that our clients and brands have a strong presence when a consumer searches for their products and services,” says Jelneck.

People Trust People

People are tired of being sold to, and Jelneck’s company has embodied the belief that we have to market to consumers in a whole new light.  This is certainly something that brands need to embrace, for it is building communities that build and feed content.

“Google found that the average consumer visits or consults an average of 10.4 places prior to buying anything today,” Jelneck shared. With consumers making their buying decisions before they visit a store, Jelneck proposes to attract your digital audience with relevant and unique content specifically geared to enrich, educate, enlighten, or entertain them. “The average consumer today doesn’t have time or the brain capacity to absorb any more sales pitches,” he added.

Being ahead of the curve and knowing the right time and place to drop the content is what Jelneck recommends to any marketer willing to make an impact. This remarkable attitude is what leads his business to always help his clients stand out and connect with their audience in 10.4 ways and places.

Q&with Tom Jelneck, Owner of On Target Digital Marketing

What’s your favorite type of digital content?

I love video content and podcasting content. I think the future of the Internet is more interactive and visual.

What’s surprised you the most about content marketing so far in 2015?

I think it’s interesting that many businesses still have not yet embraced mobile versions of their website. I see so many blogs and websites that aren’t connecting with mobile phones and tablet users, simply because their website hasn’t evolved. If your business doesn’t have a solid mobile and content strategy, your competition could be creeping up on you way quicker than you may ever imagine. (Less than 95 percent of B2B enterprise marketers use content marketing.)

Who is your mentor and why?

I think Seth Godin has really helped to inspire and frame many of the marketing decisions I make for my clients on a daily basis. His marketing framework is simple, create amazing stuff, stand out from the crowd, and get people’s permission to create a relationship.

Three items you would take to an island.

Paper, pen and music.

This article appears in the October 2015 issue of i4 Business.
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