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By Joni Luce

The workplace is a dynamic, ever-changing environment, often undergoing fluctuations due to outside influences, cost saving measures and industry trends. Consider the design trends in 2000 compared to today – there are more differences than similarities, including scale of materials, remote set ups and others.

Todd Gebski, vice president of marketing at Motus, pointed out, “As many as 34 million Americans are able to remain productive while working outside of the traditional office. This trend is not going away anytime soon, with experts predicting a further 50 percent increase in mobility by 2020.”

Mobilized Work Spaces

CORT Furniture understands the mobile workforce expects to be able to work anywhere, anytime, on any technological device. “As companies adapt their physical space to support flexible work policies, office furniture design is evolving to accommodate new needs such as hot desks, docking stations and remote communication support. In return, companies are realizing gains in workplace productivity and talent retention,” CORT noted in an online article.

More and more, less and less workers are limited to an office desk or stuck in a cubicle. Nowadays, with widespread Internet access, portable laptops and even cell phones as mobile work centers, almost any space could become an office. For remote workers who set up at home, CORT suggests utilizing products traditionally associated with residential spaces to add comfort and warmth, such as soft seating, coffee or café tables and decorative touches that can be customized to individual tastes. If employees feel more at home, they are more likely to work more efficiently and more effectively, according to recent data.

Design For Your Valuable Assets

Respected leaders know that employees are your most valuable assets – not products and services. No matter how great a product is, without employees to design, manufacture, sell and market, there is no business to manage. Therefore, it’s important for human resources departments to consider a work environment where mobile employees have space and furniture to innovate, optimize productivity, collaborate and be creative.

Today’s talent expects their workspace to accommodate all their technological devices. CORT has the office furniture, design solutions, experienced consultants, and professional delivery team – essentially an entire project management team – to help address your business needs today and to help you plan for the future.

Service Partners of the Past and Future

According to information from CORT, more [furniture] manufacturers are using technology and data to impact their design and production processes. These decisions are leading to everything from improved durability, better materials and smarter assembly, to reduced environmental impact thanks to more efficient resource utilization.

“We often find ourselves as a partner to clients and businesses at the intersection of ‘past and future,’” said Jeff Pederson, CEO of CORT Furniture. Pederson realizes things are constantly changing in business, whether it is a company move, an office redesign or entire office complex project. During these times, success and future achievements rely on hard work, dedication and execution. CORT is committed to their clients and businesses to provide exceptional service, helping alleviate at least one of the many items on their to-do list.  Pederson said, “We believe that ‘everything is possible through service,’ and that our success should be measured by (our clients’) satisfaction.”

Joni Luce is a Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Member of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association and International Facility Management Association and a 25-year sales veteran with extensive experience in project coordination, budgeting, marketing and networking in the local community. Email: joni.luce@cort.com

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