10 Principles to Live and Work By


By Jeff Piersall

Fifteen years ago, Eric Wright, Bill Mikler and I began a process to answer a fundamental question: “Is there a better way to do business; one that aligns with our biblical principles, but is tolerant and respects all individual belief systems?” That exercise resulted in 10 principles or core values that we believe set a framework in place that any company, or for that matter any relationship, could use to build a prosperous future.

In the 1980s, I had the fortunate opportunity to be mentored by Coach John Wooden. Though our time was short together, the impact was a lifetime of influence. He sent me his “Pyramid for Success” and I never really completely understood the meaning until I read his book explaining each block in the pyramid. Now I do speeches and trainings on it because the power of what he created must be shared. His book should be mandatory reading for all high school students.

With that same spirit, Eric and I decided to explain each of the “10 Principles for Business Success.” Each month for the next 10 months, I am going to present the meaning behind one of the principles in order to help business owners develop a path to success.

10 Principles for Business Success


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