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Now that the April issue has arrived, we wanted to share with you some ideas to take advantage of the coverage you received in i4 Business, using several social media and digital tools provided.

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Insurance Office of America Feature

Web Article: http://www.i4biz.com/top-stories/ioa-and-the-ritenour-legacy/

Digital Edition: http://bit.ly/1NzICbs

Download PDF


Sorensen Moving & Storage Feature

Web Article: http://www.i4biz.com/top-stories/sorensen-moving-storage-moves-into-the-future/

Digital Edition: http://bit.ly/1G3zI6X

Download PDF


Mears Transportation Feature

Web Article: http://www.i4biz.com/top-stories/mears-transportation-past-present-future/

Digital Edition: http://bit.ly/1Fe313N

Download PDF


CFO Strategic Partners Profile

Web Article: http://www.i4biz.com/people_companies/cfo-strategic-partners-junior-achievement-of-central-florida/

Digital Edition: http://bit.ly/19Fdn15

Download PDF


Pat Williams Best Practice

Web Article: http://www.i4biz.com/leadership/how-to-keep-family-the-main-thing/

Digital Edition: http://bit.ly/1ywegzA

Download PDF


Bill Harding Best Practice

Web Article: http://www.i4biz.com/money-finance/how-to-protect-your-business-intellectual-assets/

Digital Edition: http://bit.ly/1xvIs2G

Download PDF


Ann Brady Best Practice

Web Article: http://www.i4biz.com/leadership/three-steps-to-better-time-management/

Digital Edition: http://bit.ly/1GctwI8

Download PDF


Dean Mead Best Practice

Web Article: http://www.i4biz.com/featured-posts/how-to-transition-your-family-business/

Digital Edition: http://bit.ly/19lSdou

Download PDF


Social Entrepreneur – Florida Abolitionist

Web Article: http://www.i4biz.com/featured-posts/florida-abolitionist-combats-human-trafficking-in-orlando/

Digital Edition: http://bit.ly/1xTjmv8

Download PDF


Business Bites – Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Web Article: http://www.i4biz.com/featured-posts/firebirds-wood-fired-grill-orlando/

Digital Edition: http://bit.ly/1I0PCjc

Download PDF


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