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Business Applications: Users Are King

Technology has allowed businesses to develop models of efficiency and productivity like never before. CIOs used to be in charge of making sure that the data pipeline and infrastructure remained solid and secure. Now CIOs and IT departments are strategic partners with nearly every business unit of a company. As technology evolves rapidly, it’s important to have an approach to usability that is modern and relevant to your employee base.

Consumer Focused Development

Almost everyone deals with some form of software application every day. The platforms that have better ease of use are the ones that stick around. Whether you are going on social media, listening to music or making an airplane reservation online, the average person deals with software that is intuitive, engaging and simplistic. It is only logical that we would all want that same type of experience at work.

Workers are, in fact, the consumers of many of these applications. They should be thought about as such and the application development world has already started to turn in that direction. In fact, a PricewaterhouseCoopers report noted that out of 2000 global executives, almost 75% stated that User Experience (UX) was important to their development efforts.

Shifts in Workplace Culture

Modern workplaces are quite different than they used to be. Due to enterprise applications themselves, businesses have been able to streamline processes. The same can be said for startups. Startups have lower barriers to entry today due to innovation in the off-the-shelf business applications available.   These budding companies select software based on two primary criteria: price and usability.

More established businesses favor ease of use platforms that are basically training free and mobile optimized. Over 40% of US employees access enterprise software on their personal smartphones. The modern workplace has changed quite a bit in the past few years and business applications need to align with these sudden shifts in workplace and consumer culture.

Could Your Business Benefit from an Outsourced Application Partner?

The vast majority of applications are focusing more on user experience than ever before. If your legacy software needs a facelift, multiple applications need integration, or a custom application built with a focus on user experience, consider Next Horizon.


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