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How to Change Careers and Be Successful

When I first started my career as a trauma nurse, I had no idea where I would end up five or 10 years down the road, but that is the point when it comes to your career, is it not? It is completely unpredictable. I knew I wanted to be a successful businesswoman, but after graduating from the University of South Alabama with a Master’s of Science in Nursing, I had no idea I was going to become the co-founder of multiple medical spas throughout Central Florida.

When it comes to being successful, regardless of its relevancy to your current career field, it is not uncommon for successful business owners to change their career path to discover where true interests lie. Many recognizable names have made career changes later in life and have become successful because of it. Some of the most successful people have paved the way for others when it comes to altering their career paths, including famous chef Julia Child, creative homemaker Martha Stewart, actor Terry Crews and even designer Vera Wang.

No matter which field you choose, there are some key best practices that should be followed. Below are a few of the key practices that have helped me make the change from being a trauma nurse to a medical spa owner.

• Target Your Passion: After I started my professional job as a trauma nurse, I transitioned into working at a plastic surgeon’s office, where I gained a vast interest in plastic surgery medical services. This is one of the keys to being successful while changing career paths — make sure you find a strong interest in the job to which you wish to transition.

I was particularly interested in medical procedures such as Botox and Sculptra, for which I am now an advanced injector, and I realized how I could help change the future of the industry. Not only did medical spa services excite me, but also I felt a strong connection to the idea of helping my patients feel better by providing them with a boost in self-confidence.

• Find Your Competitive Advantage: After working at the plastic surgeon’s office, I realized prices for services were at an all-time high and could be lowered if managed and controlled by the right administration. It was around this time I was approached by my current business partner about opening a medical spa that provides a luxurious atmosphere while offering affordable and trusted procedures; this is the moment my career began to change.

• Find Your Partner: When entering a new field, finding a well-connected and business-savvy partner is key. Not only will your business partner guide you on making the best decisions for your company, they often have more experience in the field you choose to enter, making the transition seamless and efficient. I was lucky enough to find a partner who has an extensive background in business through his ownership of more than 30 health clubs in Central Florida and Georgia. With his help and guidance, we decided to open Couture Med Spa, a medical spa that provides extravagant services at affordable prices.

Looking back at the starting point of my professional life, I could not have predicted I would change my career path by becoming the co-owner of a successful medical spa. With the help of my business partner, as well as what I learned from my previous career experiences and interests, I was able to be effective in changing my path and ended up becoming even more successful than I could have ever hoped. And I measure my success in the joy I have coming to work each day and the joy I bring to a client’s heart with each and every procedure.

If changing your career path is a possibility in your future, be sure to get as much experience as you can in a field related to your true passion. By doing so, the transition to being successful will be quicker, more effortless and much smoother. Additionally, make sure you have someone you can count on to guide you and give you advice if needed. For me, it was my business partner; for you it could be a mentor or a prior manager.

Lastly, take control of your goals and dreams and transform them into reality. It is true what they say — if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

Diane Gillin is the co-founder of Couture Med Spa, a luxurious yet affordable medical spa with locations in Winter Park, Ocoee and Oviedo. You can contact her at diane@couturemedspa.com.

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