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Get Creative with Other Channels to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Remember the maze games for children that almost always appeared on the backs of restaurant menus and cereal boxes? The ones we would trace our crayons through, hoping to crack the code the first time around? The trick to those, as most of us soon learned, is to work backward — to start at the finish line and wind a path to the beginning.

When you’re trying to direct your audience through the sales funnel to the finish line, you may find yourself facing a problem as daunting as a real-life labyrinth. You know where you want your audience members to end up — your website — but there are so many paths that might take them there and so many false leads that may steer them off course.

To make sure traffic goes to the right link, it can be helpful to map out your strategy, treating each step in the buyer journey as a marker that people are on the right course toward the goal.

Print Advertising

The distance between print advertising and digital may seem like a lot of ground to cover, but there are some effective ways to increase traffic to your website from the more traditional medium. When done right, this can combine the reliability of print with the immediate feedback offered by technology.

The advantage of print includes an already targeted audience. Often, when preparing something for print, the publication has a targeted demographic, taking much of the work out of the equation for you. It’s easier to capture audience members’ attention when they are already inclined to learn more.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of a print ad and tie it to your digital marketing, make sure to keep your branding consistent. The design, color and verbiage of your print ad should easily be associated with your online efforts. When directing people to your site, try digital calls to action with invitations to check out a certain hashtag, visit your website, or engage with you online through social media.

Social Media

Speaking of social media, this can be one of the quickest ways to get your audience from point A to point B. It might be as simple as a well-written and curiosity-piquing social media post that encourages a reader to visit your website. An engaging post is tailored to the platform and doesn’t give away too much of the story, encouraging your audience to keep reading.

But how do you ensure that people find your social media in the first place? Again, this can be done through a print advertisement, but it can also be accomplished through digital means. Cross-channel promotion, boosting posts to certain audiences, relationships with other companies with a strong digital presence, influencer advertising, and constant conversation with your followers are all good examples of the first step on your audience’s journey to your website.

Email Blasts

Email blasts can be a convenient way to get a specific message or promotion to an already curated list of your contacts. By the time they are on your contact list, they are most likely already on a more advanced stage in the buyer journey, but this doesn’t automatically mean they will click on the links inserted in your messaging. There are certain strategies that can be employed to make them more likely to click.

Keep your emails concise and clear, with one purpose — in this case, to direct them to a landing page or other portion of your site. Make those call-to-action buttons clear and easy to find, and place them where they’re visible without the reader having to scroll down to them after opening your email, making them more accessible.

Be sure to add social media links as well. If people don’t get to your website directly from your message, they may be directed to a platform like Twitter or Instagram instead, where they can interact and get to know your brand, eventually ending up on your website.

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