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Seven Reasons to Choose a Senior Living Facility

Senior living facilities look much different today than they did in the past. They are senior-focused, offering a variety of amenities, services and features to make senior living better. They also feel just like home.

There are many good reasons to choose a senior living facility. In the end, you will find they all add up to a better quality of life for your later years.

Whether you are a family member thinking about broaching the topic with your loved one or a senior who recognizes the need for a change of scenery, a senior community is a smart choice for the following reasons:

1. Seniors Get to Keep a High Level of Independence

Many seniors mistakenly believe if they move to a senior living facility, they will lose their independence. That could not be farther from the truth. Instead, seniors actually gain independence to do what matters most to them when they move to a facility. This is because all the details of living — housekeeping, meals, transportation and more — are taken care of.

2. They Do Not Have to Worry About Home Maintenance

One of the things you will no longer have to worry about in a senior living facility is home maintenance. Caring for and keeping up a home, yard work, repairs it is all a big job, not to mention a huge source of stress for seniors who cannot get around as well as they once did. Forget about dusting, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, repairing the heater or other tasks when you move to a senior living facility.

3. They Will Get the Right Nutrition (and Great-Tasting Meals)

Seniors who live alone often do not get the nutrition they need because they cannot be bothered to cook full meals for one person. In contrast, a good facility will provide meals that are nutritionally sound so seniors do not have to worry about it. Plus, they will enjoy delicious food in a social dining setting.

4. A Senior Living Facility Can Improve Family Relationships

Seniors who live alone can cause worry and stress for their family members. The younger generation often become the caregivers for their aging parents or relatives, which may put a strain on the relationship both ways. This role reversal can cause tension because the senior may resent being “babied” and the caregiver may feel like they are not able to care for their loved one as much as they would like because of their own responsibilities. A senior living facility takes a load off the family’s shoulders. They can spend quality time with their elderly loved ones without stress. It also frees the senior from feeling like a burden.

5. Seniors Will Belong to a Larger Community of Like-Minded People

As they age and it gets harder to be as active as they once were, seniors often end up feeling isolated or lonely. These feelings can lead to depression and other health issues. A senior living facility is a community of seniors who are in the same position in life. They want to retain some independence, but they need help with daily tasks to make life easier. A good facility provides plenty of opportunities for these like-minded people to socialize, gather and make friends. In fact, one of the best things about these facilities is the chance to get together and meet new people.

6. They Will Enjoy a Lifestyle That Suits Their Preferences

Most senior living facilities offer activities, programs and social events that give seniors chances to dive headfirst into their favorite hobbies. For instance, they can attend holiday gatherings and eat with friends, join a book club, learn about how to use computers and the Internet, or try their hand at gardening. There is a little something for everyone.

7. Peace of Mind for All

Finally, a senior living facility provides peace of mind for the family and the senior. Seniors get to relax knowing all the little details of life are handled. Meanwhile, their families can rest easy in the knowledge their loved ones are safe, cared for and enjoying life to the fullest. In most cases, the benefits of senior living far outweigh the potential negatives. It is a great choice for seniors who are looking to improve their quality of life.

Bruno Portigliaitti, Excellence Senior Living

Bruno Portigliatti is the CEO of Excellence Senior Living, dedicated to providing luxury assisted living facilities to seniors in various communities throughout Central Florida. He is also the executive vice president of Florida Christian University, a global-reach institution whose mission is to provide practical and accessible higher education to professionals, laypersons and ministers and to prepare them to fulfill their
vocational endeavors.

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