3 Ways to Wear Business on Your Sleeve

By 2018, it’s estimated that the wearable technology market will be worth $8.36 billion with 112 million wearables being shipped worldwide. Seen originally as gadgets for fun and leisure, these devices are breaking into the business world. One study even suggests using this technology in the workplace can increase productivity by up to 8.5 percent. So what are these devices, and what are they capable of?

Here are three pieces of wearable technology that are set to hit the market soon that could improve your bottom line:

google-glassGoogle Glass

About as hands-free as you can get, Google Glass works as a smartphone in a pair of glasses, bringing information anywhere and everywhere. Communication between you and the device is done through voice commands, so you can eat, write, walk and play without missing a beat. The device also takes photos and video and can retrieve numerous sources of information in just seconds, keeping you always prepared. www.google.com/glass


Apple Watch

As Apple’s first product designed to be worn, the Apple Watch pairs to your iPhone and makes connecting more personable and accessible. It goes beyond just telling the time (in two million styles, to be exact), by allowing you to see, respond to and feel calls, messages and notifications with a discreet tap on your wrist. Other features include fitness tracking, quick and easy secure pay, integration of all your favorite apps, and more.

myo_alpha_ white_topMyo Armband

The Myo Armband allows your muscles to do the talking by using the electrical activity from them to wirelessly control your computer, phone, television, and other devices. Especially useful for presentations, with just the wave of your hand or a snap of your fingers, you can effortlessly control what you need to see or hear to keep your projects running without a hitch. www.thalmic.com


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