6 Ways to Beat the Summer Slowdown

For many companies, the sun and fun of the summer season can also mean a dip in projects and productivity. Clients and colleagues go on vacation, tasks are pushed, and workloads tend to lighten up. Whether you’re thrilled about the extra time or not, the slow summer season doesn’t need to dictate your personal and professional growth. This summer, consider a few ways to beat the summer slowdown and come out on top when the busy fall arrives.


1. Switch Up the Schedule

If possible, consider changing up the usual schedule to keep employees motivated and give them enough time in the summer sun. Many companies take part in “Summer Fridays,” which gives them a little extra time in their weekend, while making up those hours throughout the rest of the week. Something as simple as a change in routine can boost productivity.


2. Take Advantage of It

Summer is a great time to organize internal processes, set visions and engage in more in-depth thinking on future projects that are often hindered by distractions and pressing deadlines. Take a look at your “maybe/someday” list and start making it a reality. You may often think that setting goals is reserved only for the New Year, but these summer months lend for more time and space to start gearing up for what’s next.


3. Clean Out That Inbox

By the time the middle of the year hits, we’ve likely accumulated quite a collection of emails in our inbox. Now is a great time to go back to those emails from six months ago and review projects from earlier in the year. As you do, be sure to either delete irrelevant emails or move them into their respective folder to get them out of the way. The goal: an inbox of ZERO.


4. Work on the Budget

If your responsibility is to work on your company’s budget, it’s better to do it now than when fall hits and everyone is up to their eyeballs in other work. Even though it’s only summer, start analyzing this year’s budget and constructing one for next year – you’ll thank yourself for it come December.


5. Engage With Clients

The rest of the year is filled with busy deadlines and pending projects, and sometimes you and your clients become ships passing in the night. Take this time to reconnect with them by sending thank-you notes or taking them to lunch. It may also be the perfect time for an anonymous customer survey to gain valuable feedback as you go forward.


6. Finally, if there’s no work, find some.

Just showing up to work is not the same as being productive; don’t decide to lower your output because things have slowed down. If you see your workload take a dip, find work for yourself. Now is the time to do things you say you never have time for during the rest of the months of the year. Create a new project, execute a new idea, or even assist a colleague on a project to learn something new.


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