Accessorize to Maximize

By Wendy Lyn Phillips

For today’s businesswoman, the options in the accessory department can be overwhelming. There are truly head-to-toe opportunities for extras that add an exclamation point to a basic gray suit. Deciding which ones are appropriate for a bank job on “Dress Down Fridays,” to an after-hours mingle midweek, can take a lot of know-how to get it right. Here are four surprising key areas that will narrow your options but give you the biggest bang for your buck.

BusinessFashion1. Keep Jewelry Minimalistic When Wall Street-ers were asked what they thought about women wearing jewelry to work, the answers were consistent: a simple necklace and earring. Diamond or pearl studs are an A+ earring choice for this.

2. Find a Pen that Screams Success Now, I’m not talking about a colorful BIC pen. A statement and stylish pen such as Monte Blanc or even a Lilly Pulitzer one has the power to complete an elegant and professional look. Plus, you’ll be less likely to lose it.

3. Amp Up Your Briefcase While briefcases may seem a thing of the past, new options have emerged such as stylish business cases, messenger bags and laptop/tablet sleeves. Opt for a brighter color or pattern and skip the black and brown.

4. Keep Heels at Three Inches or Less If they are higher than three inches, they tend to raise a brow. In addition, you’ll want to have a great pair of flats with some nice hardware.

wendyWendy Lyn Phillips is a beauty and image expert with 25 years’ experience. She is a speaker, TV host and author of the bestseller, Naked to Knockout™ Beauty from the Inside Out. Connect with her at WendyLynOnline.com.

This article appears in the May 2015 issue of i4 Business.
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