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How to Implement Wellness in the Millennial Workplace

Health and wellness programs are growing in popularity, becoming a staple in the workplace to ensure employees are checking in with their personal health.

Get Started, Make it Easy and Go Digital

Health and wellness programs are growing in popularity, becoming a staple in the workplace to ensure employees are checking in with their personal health by engaging in daily tasks and activities, such as taking appropriate breaks, stretching, drinking water and eating healthy snacks for improved energy. Uproar PR, a full-service public relations and social media agency, is dedicated to providing health and wellness program options that fit with the wants and needs of its predominantly Millennial-aged office. Uproar effectively implemented a core wellness program in three stages to ensure its young employees stay connected to their health and have a smooth transition into the workforce.


Get Started with a Simple Solution

The public relations industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving. To keep stress low and ensure employees have the option of improving their health at work, Uproar began its employee health initiative by providing standing desks so employees could stretch their legs and improve posture. They saw a real importance in setting up a space that allowed for employees to be able to move away from their desks without interrupting their workflow. Several studies have shown that employees who stand more during the day can be more productive and have better blood flow than those who sit for the entire day.


Make It Easier to Fit in Fitness and Healthcare Visits

Uproar also implemented a wellness program that accommodates employee gym schedules and doctor visits. Employees can implement flexible working hours to get their workouts in and make appointments to see specialists and primary care physicians.

For example, if an employee wishes to take an 8 a.m. fitness class at their gym, they can opt to arrive at the office later in the morning and stay later in the evening to make up the time differences, and vice versa. Similarly, if an employee wishes to make a doctor’s appointment at 4 p.m. one day, they can arrive earlier that morning to make up the time missed, and vice versa. Uproar also allows for employees to make up time missed for medical appointments by arriving early and/or staying later either the day before or the day after the scheduled appointment. This has helped employees place more emphasis and importance on scheduling and attending regular checkups and annual exams, since the program makes it easier to do so.


Go Digital

An important characteristic to remember about Millennials is that they are achievement-oriented and enjoy incentives. To encourage and incentivize taking advantage of the wellness program, Uproar also sought out a digital wellness solution that its Millennial employees would be able to embrace easily.

Uproar connected with new corporate wellness company, myHealthSphere, and decided to implement their Dooo platform in the Orlando office. Within a few short weeks, the team noticed employees getting up to walk around the office more, going outside during lunch breaks, stretching their necks and getting up to refill their water bottles more regularly. More employees started utilizing the other parts of the employee wellness program as well.

Dooo became a valuable component of the wellness program since it could be fully integrated into each employee’s workday and was easy to roll out. Individual employees can customize their own wellness calendars through Dooo, and schedule convenient times to receive reminders that prompt them to complete challenges. Each completed reminder, task and exercise unlocks points that employees can redeem for great rewards such as a $20 gift card to Starbucks for 1,000 points, a $100 Fitbit Flex for 3,000 points and a $150 gift card to Tory Burch for 4,000 points.

The great thing about Dooo is the ability to choose customized rewards based on what you think employees would be most interested in receiving. The Uproar employees quickly embraced the fun of collecting points each day, began challenging each other on new daily tasks and were completing as many challenges and activities as they could each day to rake in more points and unlock new rewards.

Uproar employees are happier and more engaged from day to day because they have a wellness program that caters to several aspects of their health needs. It is no longer an inconvenience to try and fit in time at the gym each day, nor is it stressful to plan doctor’s visits that interfere with the workday. This, along with standing desks and the Dooo program, has created a more active and healthy atmosphere in the office.

Kendall Wayland_BWKendall Wayland serves as the main point of contact for internal operations at Uproar PR, including heading up the human resource department, implementing new initiatives for team building and working with Uproar’s partners on streamlining agency management.

This article appears in the June 2015 issue of i4 Business.
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