Why Use a Moving Company?

Despite the huge undertaking that is orchestrating a move on your own—with great sacrifices of time, energy, and money being made—some still worry about investing in a moving company. This fear likely comes from the amount of trust that must be relinquished to the company in question. After all, you are turning your family possessions, or the essence of your company over to someone else. Sorensen Moving & Storage has been helping families and businesses move since 1956, so they understand better than most how far experience and trust go in relieving that apprehension.

“Every job is unique, and that’s how we approach it,” Chris Sorensen, president of Sorensen, shared. “Although people are excited about the opportunity the move represents, they’re not excited about moving. We understand we’re sometimes getting people on their worst day, but that is where we make a difference.” Through clear and honest communication and the testimonials of previous clientele, Sorensen exemplifies how a moving company can take an often-overwhelming process and streamline it so that it becomes a great moving experience.

When moving to a new home or headquarters, everyone wants to start off on the best possible foot, not overcome by stress or worry about every little detail. That’s where Sorensen steps in, with an understanding of exactly how important those details are, so that they can worry about them for you.

About Sorensen Moving & Storage

Since 1956, Sorensen Moving & Storage has been working to set the bar for moving excellence and customer satisfaction. With services encompassing residential moving, corporate relocations, commercial services, storage, and logistics, Sorensen has become a go-to resource for both individuals and companies. Over the years, their dedication to comprehensive, reliable service has led to expansion, with their second location in Orlando opening in 2013.

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