Use a Trusted Resource for Your Trade Show Logistics

How can a moving company improve both your visibility and credibility? While it may seem that these two are completely unrelated, when it comes to Sorensen Moving & Storage, clients often discover how much of an asset this partnership can be.

Sorensen can help you showcase your brand using one of the most effective and common tools for visibility: The Trade Show. Trade shows can be a powerful platform for meeting new customers and reaching out to existing clientele, and so making sure they run smoothly is vital. Not only can Sorensen provide climate-controlled storage and transportation for a display, they can also set up and test the entire display, including monitors and banners, in its spacious facility. Whether it’s your first trade show or your tenth, Sorensen provides reassurance that your display will seamlessly and accurately reflect the message you want to put forward. Few other companies provide such a unique resource to their customers, but as many clients find, it is a service that solidifies Sorensen’s reputation as a trusted and full-service partner.

Trade shows require careful consideration of the space allotted, the audience you are reaching, and the message you want to communicate. While you are focused on these components, having Sorensen as a trusted resource for the logistics is a priceless asset.

About Sorensen Moving & Storage

Since 1956, Sorensen Moving & Storage has been working to set the bar for moving excellence and customer satisfaction. With services encompassing residential moving, corporate relocations, commercial services, storage, and logistics, Sorensen has become a go-to resource for both individuals and companies. Over the years, their dedication to comprehensive, reliable service has led to expansion, with their second location in Orlando opening in 2013.

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