Business Leaders of the Year 2021 Nominations Now Open


Business Leaders of the Year 2021 Nominations Now Open

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Business Leaders of the Year awards recognize the most celebrated and respected individuals across the spectrum of business, from manufacturing to real estate development and construction, to technology, education, finance and law. No other gathering convenes the scope and caliber of business leaders in one place.

This year’s categories are:

THE ARTS — This category will recognize those who have worked to cultivate and lead the way in the business of Central Florida’s diverse and thriving arts scene. From film to theater to dance and beyond, these individuals are using their creativity and business acumen to make room for the creativity of others.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT — This category aims to recognize those whose work and attitudes have contributed to the continued development of Central Florida, creating a community for various industries to thrive. 

EDUCATION/WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT — From higher education to after-school programs to on-the-job training, this category includes people shaping the future through lifelong learning and the education of Central Florida’s next generation of leaders. 

ENTREPRENEURSHIP — Central Florida’s entrepreneurial environment is full of individuals who honor the spirit of innovation and collaboration that is so important to the community. Leaders in this category exemplify that spirit and inspire others. 

HEALTH AND WELLNESS — Contributions of the region’s health and wellness experts cannot be overstated, especially this year. In this category, i4 Business is looking to shine a light on those working tirelessly to keep people safe and healthy in trying times.

INDUSTRY — Recognizing individuals for exceptional work in private industries, this category encompasses leaders in manufacturing, construction, engineering, aviation and more. 

NONPROFIT/GOVERNMENT — This category aims to recognize leaders in the government and nonprofit sectors across Central Florida, including those who have adapted quickly and responsibly to the needs of their communities. 

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES — This category is for individuals who have made a difference in the past several years in professions including legal, accounting, real estate, marketing and more. 

SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT — Leaders in this category have shown incredible creativity this year, but their contribution to Central Florida’s growth has always been vital. This award will honor the leaders whose emphasis on teamwork, persistence and passion have pushed their organizations toward success. 

TOURISM — In a particularly challenging year, those in hospitality and tourism have stepped up more than ever to see the region through. Individuals nominated for this category will be honored for their innovation and perseverance.