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Gordon Folkes Drone

Above and Beyond

Archer UAS Drones Deliver Vital Time in Emergencies (January 2020) – In a small Georgia neighborhood in the middle of November, a dam is released, causing severe flooding and power failures for...

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Horizon Managed IT

Building from the Inside Out

How Next Horizon’s Managed IT Increases Productivity through Proactivity Picture it: You’re running a bit behind one day, just about to print out that project overview you promised for a meeting so...

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Avani Desai | Spirit of Progress

In just two years’ time, the deficit of jobs in the cybersecurity industry is projected to hit 2 million. Despite the promising uptick in programs aimed at engaging young women to tackle technology...

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Pamela Rogan | Spirit of Mentorship

Approaching an empty stage and a live microphone, Pamela Rogan looked out upon a vast audience. Business leaders, government officials, community volunteers and others gaped in wonder as she started...

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Dena Jalbert | Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Dena Jalbert knows entrepreneurs tend to suffer from “shiny light syndrome,” turning to the next big project that catches their eye. Sometimes they say yes too quickly to a contract that might not be...

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Up Close | Abram Walton of Florida Tech

For Abram Walton, discovering the patterns and practices generating innovation and engagement, then teaching students and organizations of every size and sphere how to produce these qualities, and...

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