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A Message of Peace Amid a Pandemic

(April 2020) – A few years ago, I was having one of those in-depth conversations with a friend over wine,  and  we  were  trying  to  solve  the  world’s problems. The topic turned to what it...

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The Region’s Growth Leads to Big Wins

(February 2020) – When Golf Channel was formed in 1995 in an office park near International Drive, the Orlando Magic were headed to the playoffs as the top team in the NBA Atlantic Division...

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In Childhood, We All Reach for the Stars

(January 2020) – I always  like  to  ask  people,  “What  did  you  want  to  be when you were a kid?” It’s fascinating how our childhood interests seem to show up eventually in our careers and...

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Let Central Florida Give You a Warm Hug

(December 2019) – I’ve lived all over Central Florida for almost 35 years now, and I still love looking at the region through other people’s eyes as if I’m arriving here for the first time. It...

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Proximity Matters: A Sense of Place

I was speaking with a scientist who moved to Central Florida this year from Pennsylvania. She’s the founder and CEO of a company that develops pharmaceuticals for hay fever and allergies, and her...

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