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Proximity Matters: A Sense of Place

I was speaking with a scientist who moved to Central Florida this year from Pennsylvania. She’s the founder and CEO of a company that develops pharmaceuticals for hay fever and allergies, and her...

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Teaching Hospital Rendering

A Healthy Outlook

It’s hard not to notice all the activity taking place in health care these days — and how it’s changing the Central Florida landscape. Health care companies are buying up smaller hospitals, clinics...

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Taking the High Road

I have to confess, I love driving my car. Driving allows me the freedom to go wherever and whenever I want to go. There’s nothing like pushing your foot against the gas pedal and feeling the engine...

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We All Benefit from Friendly Competition

I’ve always been a sports fanatic. Not long ago, I realized a whole year had gone by and I hadn’t watched anything on TV besides sports and news. And that was OK with me. You never know what you’re...

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Let’s Keep Looking Up

I like cranes. When I say that, most people assume I’m talking about birds, and that’s not surprising. I’m that person on the golf course who pulls out my cell phone to take pictures of deer and...

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Hats Off to Business Leaders

During my interview with the leaders of DUDA for this month’s cover story, CEO David Duda said something that has stuck in my head ever since. Business owners, he said, don’t realize how many times...

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Leadership in the age of Big Data

There’s nothing like a good dose of data talk to get the blood flowing for a nerd like me. I was at a Data Science Summit on October 19 at the University of Central Florida, where speakers and...

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