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Dream Job

UES Project Manager Blends Development and Conservation By Todd Persons (March 2020) – Amateur animal blogger Autumn Mercer has both a Facebook and an Instagram page with 3,000 total followers...

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Avani Desai | Spirit of Progress

In just two years’ time, the deficit of jobs in the cybersecurity industry is projected to hit 2 million. Despite the promising uptick in programs aimed at engaging young women to tackle technology...

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Pamela Rogan | Spirit of Mentorship

Approaching an empty stage and a live microphone, Pamela Rogan looked out upon a vast audience. Business leaders, government officials, community volunteers and others gaped in wonder as she started...

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Dena Jalbert | Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Dena Jalbert knows entrepreneurs tend to suffer from “shiny light syndrome,” turning to the next big project that catches their eye. Sometimes they say yes too quickly to a contract that might not be...

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Davia Moss | Spirit of Collaboration

In just six years as executive director of The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools, Davia Moss facilitated the growth of annual revenue from $1 million to $7.5 million. In that same time...

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Shelley Lauten | Spirit of Advocacy

If Shelley Lauten were to write the Great American Novel she had envisioned herself authoring when she was a child, the protagonist might be a self-professed book nerd who grew up to get a job at the...

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