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Chris Brown & Bill ‘Roto’ Reuter

A Passion for Production. Ten years into his time at the Orlando Repertory Theatre, Executive Director Chris Brown has a clearly defined vision for the next 10. But he couldn’t have known just how it...

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Terri Friel | Shelter Mortgage

For some, Hawaii conjures up images of tropical landscapes and perfect vacations. For Terri Friel, a loan officer assistant with Shelter Mortgage, Hawaii is where her mortgage career began. “After...

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Navigation Crew | Shelter Mortgage

When embarking on a journey as exciting and complex as buying a home, most of us will need an experienced team to help us navigate. Shelter Mortgage’s Orlando branch is made up of some of the most...

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The Right Instincts | Kent Winkelseth

When Kent Winkelseth reached out 20 years ago to one of his mentors, a mortgage broker, he intended to spark her interest in a business opportunity he had been developing. “She agreed to meet only...

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