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Terri Friel | Shelter Mortgage

For some, Hawaii conjures up images of tropical landscapes and perfect vacations. For Terri Friel, a loan officer assistant with Shelter Mortgage, Hawaii is where her mortgage career began. “After...

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Navigation Crew | Shelter Mortgage

When embarking on a journey as exciting and complex as buying a home, most of us will need an experienced team to help us navigate. Shelter Mortgage’s Orlando branch is made up of some of the most...

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The Right Instincts | Kent Winkelseth

When Kent Winkelseth reached out 20 years ago to one of his mentors, a mortgage broker, he intended to spark her interest in a business opportunity he had been developing. “She agreed to meet only...

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Staying In the Know | Robert Good

Robert Good has been a banker for more than 20 of the 30 years he has lived in Brevard County, and has been with Fidelity Bank of Florida for six years. His role as senior vice president and chief...

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