Category - Social Entrepreneur

Safe and Sound

Christian HELP Offers Job Search Assistance and Much More When Vickie Martin entered Christian HELP some 20 years ago, she was looking for a place to assist with food and Christmas gifts for her...

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Smart Cookies

Girl Scouts of Citrus is Empowering Girls in Financial Literacy It’s a brisk day in January. You park the car, head toward the door and grab a cart. It could be any other trip to the grocery store on...

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Connecting Culture and Technology

Nonprofit Synapse Accelerates Innovation in Florida By Justin Braun In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that allows neurons to pass electrical and chemical signals to each other. It is a...

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Building Brighter Futures

Girl Scouts of Citrus Council Shapes Young Leaders Corporate CEOs Ginni Rometty of IBM and Susan Wojcicki of YouTube, performance artists Queen Latifah and Taylor Swift, broadcast journalist and...

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Revitalizing Toxic Waterways and Cities

ecoSPEARS is Disrupting an Industry with NASA Environmental Technology Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are chemicals commonly found in electrical appliances, flame retardants, paint, caulk, building...

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