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Revitalizing Toxic Waterways and Cities

ecoSPEARS is Disrupting an Industry with NASA Environmental Technology Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are chemicals commonly found in electrical appliances, flame retardants, paint, caulk, building...

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Housing is Healthcare

Roy Donberg shivered as he zipped up his tent, laid down on the cold tarp and listened to crickets chirping outside. He had been homeless for 18 years and had recently suffered two heart attacks and...

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Planting Ideas and Cultivating Solutions

IDEAS FOR US Takes Local Action to Address Global Challenges A polar bear stands alone on an ice floe. A melting island; a disappearing mammal. Krill, once a plentiful food source, diminishes. A...

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Life Without Limits

UCP of Central Florida Provides a Haven for Learning and Growth A young woman took the stage at a breakfast hosted by the United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida. She beamed as she approached the...

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There’s No Place Like Home

Central Florida Commission on Homelessness Helps People Move Off the Streets In synchrony, a mass of vehicles approaches a red light, easing to a halt. A sun-weathered woman steps into the road...

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