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From Scratch

Kim Pearson CEO/Executive Chef Pearson’s Catering Vietnamese pork meatballs, chicken apple sausage puffs and wild mushroom tarts. The menu sounds more like that of your favorite restaurant than it...

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The Growth of Gatorland

Preserving Florida’s Natural History by Looking Toward the Future Owen Godwin Sr. was raised on the Kissimmee River in the early 1900s, spending much of his time on his uncle’s homestead, Rattlesnake...

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South Airport Orlando

Travel Hub

Trains to Join Planes at Orlando International Airport When Virgin Trains USA begins service in Central Florida three years from now, Orlando International will become the first airport in the nation...

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The Orlando Difference

Marketing the Most Visited Destination in the USA During a very busy May and June, media outlets all over the world reported Orlando had held onto its place as America’s most visited destination...

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Visit Orlando

Creating a Healthy ‘Brand Halo’

Lake Nona infuses Orlando’s brand with world-renowned wellness research and innovation Lake Nona has garnered global attention for its focus on well­being, and the buzz is very much by design...

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Soaring to New Heights | Visit Orlando

Orlando’s star continues to rise with travelers the world over, and nothing substantiates that better than the record 47 million-plus passengers who traveled through Orlando International Airport...

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Solving Key Transportation Issues

Solving Key Transportation Issues Through Collaboration All around us, we see the beginnings of what is to come. Bulldozers and cranes are raising a new terminal at Orlando International Airport that...

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Scoring Points with Visitors

How the Orlando Magic use global marketing to grow their fan base, and bring attention to our destination. Q&A with Charlie Freeman, President of Business Operations, Orlando Magic Traveling may...

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