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“Synergy is when two or more decent respectful human beings come together to work toward a common goal that is bigger thanthesumtotaloftheindividuals.”
– Stephen Covey

As we know from previous conversations, Rich DeVos describes the four stages of business or life as:

The only stage to live in is the build and create stage of life. Furthermore, if you are leading a company, then you must be driven by achieving 10X growth.

Synergy is where 1 plus 1 does not equal 2. Instead it equals 10 or 100 or even 1,000. Synergy is the greatest unknown and misunderstood force of energy in the universe. Yet, properly used and channeled, its power can propel organizations to heights never before dreamed possible.

We are reminded of the story of the old farmer who entered his horse in the county fair horse-pulling contest. His horse pulled 10,000 pounds and took second. He and the first-place horse who won by pulling 12,000 pounds decided to hitch the horses together and see what they could accomplish. Instead of pulling 22,000 pounds, they achieved 35,000 pounds together — that is the power of synergy!

Maybe you are asking why? Why go achieve 10X growth? The better question to ask yourself is why not? The same fundamentals that achieve 2X or 5X growth are exactly the same that achieve 10X growth. The only difference is your mindset or attitude and your ability to grasp the full power of synergy.

It all starts with you and an attitude for growth. Once you take on the personal opportunity and responsibility for 10X, you can move through the principles to make it a reality.

THERE IS NO “I” IN TEAM — This seems so simple and obvious, but the truth of this statement is missed by so many. When you are involved with a TEAM, the achievement of the TEAM goals will satisfy or meet personal goals and needs. It is not reversed; achieving personal goals does not necessarily mean TEAM goals are met.

YOU HAVE TO BE A PLAYER — No FANS are allowed – get in the game. Only the players on the field determine the outcome of the game. If you are a FAN then the best you get is a feeling of accomplishment due to others achieving their goals; all you get is a “feeling” with no other real value.

YOUR BEST IS REQUIRED — The team is only as strong as the weakest link. Think about it; where does a chain break? At the weakest link. And when does it break? When the pressure and tension is increased. Remember competitive greatness is about being your best when your best is needed the most. The great news is this: all you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough. Be your best and your best is enough.

FRICTION IS OUR FRIEND — We do a family vacation on houseboats at a lake in Tennessee. One year we were properly tied up to the shore line, but that night a storm came in and a wind shear hit us broadside, breaking the ropes. We were pushed offshore, spinning toward a crash into a rocky shore line. We got the engines started and moved close enough to the shore that we could get another line to the bank. As my brother wrapped the rope around the base of a tree, he kept saying, “friction is our friend, friction is our friend.” He was so right. The friction around the tree with the rope was securing the boat against the wind, keeping from pushing us uncontrollably into the rocks. The same is true for your team — friction is your friend. Only with friction can you keep growing. There is no such thing as friction free growth! Stir it up.

GET PEOPLE GREATER AND BETTER THAN YOU ON YOUR TEAM. Sounds simple, but your ego is so close to your position that it keeps you from hiring better than you, even when you think you are. Try to leave your ego at the door every day and take a self-awareness check in the mirror before you start the day.

When you build an excellent team, you have the potential for exponential growth. And something else will start to happen — you will begin to partner with other teams. When you start developing partnerships, just follow president Dr. John Hitt of UCF and his principles for a successful partnership.

Define your goal — know your WHY
• Identify other potential partners
• Be willing to give to get
• Be flexible
• Be mindful of unforeseen benefits

Synergy is the greatest unknown and misunderstood force of energy in the universe. Properly used, its power can propel organizations to heights never before dreamed possible.

Jeff Piersall, a former award-winning collegiate basketball coach, is the CEO & Founder of SCB Marketing, an innovative content marketing company that inspires brands to higher levels of success by elevating trust and connecting brands with key people of influence. Jeff is a successful entrepreneur, business consultant, speaker and co-author of “Dogs Don’t Bark at Parked Cars.”

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Jeff Piersall is a proven leader in all endeavors of his life having positively affected thousands of people throughout his career. As founder and CEO of SCB Marketing, Jeff inspires, motivates and connects entrepreneurs, business leaders and communities through his four business journals, numerous specialty publications, marketing services and speaking engagements. Jeff is co-author of Dogs Don't Bark at Parked Cars. www.dogsdontbark.com

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