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Vision is what draws us towards the future, fires our enthusiasm and inspires creativity. But it is when the powerful ingredient of vision is blended with ageless values that we inspire confident action. Thus, where we are going will help us be who we want to be. Otherwise, we become like the man climbing the ladder of success, who finds when he gets to the top that it was leaning against the wrong wall.

The definition of leadership is to pursue a vision in such a manner that it resonates with the souls of people. Independence Day is the celebration of a vision that stands for freedom, which definitely resonates with Americans.

You cannot legislate character; every law restricts your freedoms. Democracy is ruined when those entrusted with the authority to uphold it discover they can give themselves a pay raise from the people they serve. Career politicians exist in non-democratic states. In order to put vision back into the leadership of our government, we must institute term limits.

Vision goes bad when monetary benefit becomes the priority. The vision of our national media has become to sell advertising dollars; it has nothing to do with unbiased reporting or factual conversations delivered in a non-emotional, trusting manner so people can process information and make their own decisions. The paradox is that the one institution that should be communicating truth has lost itself to cheap entertainment. As the trust continues to erode, eventually the ad dollars will dry up.

Technology is causing many businesses to become obsolete, and the same fate for TV media cannot come fast enough. Today, TV threatens freedom more than any one institution in our country.

The overarching theme of “Dogs Don’t Bark at Parked Cars” is about success despite distractions. Distractions become visible when our eyes come o the target. In an era of hyper-change, the distractions are exponential.
“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” — Lord Acton


In 2010, the State of Florida was reeling with jobs at an all- time low. We elected Gov. Rick Scott, and his vision and plan now has Florida No. 1 in jobs and outpacing the country in job growth. We are also the No. 2 Best State to do Business in the United States and No. 1 in world tourism, according to Chief Executive magazine.

Scott’s vision was to invest in our strengths — mainly tourism — and provide financial incentives where necessary to attract and compete with the world. Enterprise Florida delivered a world-class marketing campaign, and Grow FL was organized to support the strongest job growth sector in the state – our second-stage companies. These companies make $2 million to $50 million in revenue, have 10 to 100 employees, represent less than 8 percent of all companies but also account for nearly 40 percent of the job growth. Additionally, start-up incubator systems like the sophisticated UCF Business Incubator program started to fuel new start-ups with a diversified business sector featuring technology. Last but certainly not least was the development of the ultimate infrastructure consortium in the sensor development sector – BRIDG. All of these factors have contributed to job creation and growth.


A scary proposition for Brevard County and lessons that should be learned:
The vision of Lynda Weatherman and the state of Florida is proof positive how economic development works. Economic development is a three-legged stool: attract – retain – expand. You need all three to be successful. In order to realize all three you need incentive money, tax programs, a strong talent pool, regulatory reductions, etc.

In 2010, with the Space Shuttle program closing at the peak of the recession, Brevard County was facing a monumental economic disaster. One vote either way by the County Commission would create either economic disaster or prosperity. The final tally was 3 to 2 in favor of providing incentives to attract Embraer to our community. Today, even those who voted against Embraer try to take credit for the tremendous economic boom and recovery on the Space Coast. These incentives were not corporate welfare as some would have you believe. They were for the welfare of the citizens of Brevard County.

(comes to the Space Coast)
RETAIN – HARRIS (did not relocate its corporate offices to Virginia)

Simultaneously: Kennedy Space Center grows in commercial space flight with Blue Origin and Space X – our region is now the undisputed world leader in aviation/aerospace.

“The achievement of impossible goals is possible as long as the goals and the methods of reaching them do not violate Universal Laws, the Laws of God and the rights of your fellow man.” — W. Clement Stone, from ” ink and Grow Rich”

Gov. Scott and economic directors throughout the State of Florida do not violate any of these laws, and the proof is in the results. Wise men have said: A valuable vision takes an accurate memory of history, beware of those who attempt to manipulate history, and he who controls history, controls the future.

It is when vision is blended with ageless values that we inspire confident action.

Jeff Piersall, a former award-winning collegiate basketball coach, is the CEO & Founder of SCB Marketing, an innovative content marketing company that inspires brands to higher levels of success by elevating trust and connecting brands with key people of influence. Jeff is a successful entrepreneur, business consultant, speaker and co-author of “Dogs Don’t Bark at Parked Cars.”

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