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Life is Both Natural and Spiritual

“The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try it and the faith to believe it is possible.” —Richard DeVos

Fear can be defined as believing something you cannot see is going to come to pass. Faith is also considered believing something you cannot see is going to come to pass. Both have the same definition, but one is positive and the other is negative. Taking one approach over the other will have a drastic effect on your journey to success.

The Starting Point: Choose Faith, Not Fear

The pursuit of ethical capitalism is based in faith, not fear. The many successful CEOs and entrepreneurs I have worked with over the years have been consistently faith-based, though they may not wear it on their sleeves. We say faith-based, not religion-based, because people hold onto this spirituality not just for a sense of comfort at death, but rather as a source of direction, meaning and courage in life.

Amway co-founder and Orlando Magic owner Richard DeVos is a model ethical capitalist. While being interviewed for his book, Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People, DeVos said faith was the foundation of his success. You can achieve great things if you believe in yourself and your ability. For DeVos, the confidence he has in himself is a product of his faith.

Spiritually is the separation of faith and fear; it is a wisdom that gives us the ability to navigate through life with a focused mind. It is what provides us with timeless values that serve as our guide through the unpredictable waters life may bring. We use faith to keep ourselves anchored, avoiding the moral entanglements that could easily disrupt us.

Live Your Life Like Those in the Blue Zones

National Geographic Fellow and New York Times bestselling author Dan Buettner has traveled the world looking for the key to a happy, long life. He spent five years visiting areas where people often live to be 100 years old or more without any need for medication. They are what he calls “Blue Zones,” and these hot spots are unveiled in his book, The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.

Buettner found that people in Blue Zones uphold several principles that contribute to their longevity. One common denominator? Faith. It does not matter what you believe, but simply that you believe in something. People in Blue Zones typically attend faith-based services four times a month. Another common ideology of Blue Zones is to know your purpose — how will you leave a mark on this world?

We are all searching for meaning in life, but what if we fall short? With faith, we are provided the confidence to venture out and fulfill our purpose. Inspirations and ideas come from a source bigger than us; therefore, the risk it takes to achieve them is worthwhile. If we fail along the way, we are not failures. Failing is simply a lesson meant to help us grow. As an entrepreneur or businessperson, you are going to fall again and again. You can get back up with a little faith.

Find a Happiness Boost in Helping Others

We hold others and ourselves in high esteem when we recognize the value bestowed upon us as human beings. Are you able to give your peers the same respect you would give your family? Tolerance is the ability to respect and understand an individual’s position without changing your position. As humans, we want to be loved. Just as importantly, we want to be understood.

S. Truett Cathy, president and chief operating officer of Chick-fil-A, recognized that every person his employees come across has a story. In a training video, he reminds his team of the opportunity to create a remarkable experience with each customer interaction. Respect the customers and understand their needs; it is then you can create a memorable moment.

“People want to work with a person, not for a company. Most (of our people) feel that this is more than just a job. They feel either a divine calling or satisfaction of a desire to make a difference in the world.” — S. Truett Cathy, Chick-fil-A

Faith drives us to help others, which has an incredible return on investment. Let us not forget it was people of faith who started the first universities, hospitals and orphanages with hopes of solving problems. It only makes sense the word “philanthropy” stems from a Greek word meaning “to love mankind.”

Balancing the Natural and Spiritual

We do not doubt the existence of protons and neutrons because the evidence is overwhelming. Every day, we use smart phones, laptops and microwaves equipped with technology most of us cannot begin to understand. Why, then, should we have difficulty accepting there is more than what science has explained?

Life is both natural and spiritual. When you recognize you are meant for something more, you choose faith over fear and foster a long and happy life.

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