ACG InterGrowth Conference

Registration for ACG’s annual InterGrowth conference is now open, so MMG sat down with two veteran attendees to hear about what first attracted them to the middle-market dealmaking event, how they maximize their time there, and InterGrowth’s impact on their careers.

For Ramsey Goodrich, managing partner at Carter Morse & Goodrich, InterGrowth has become his primary marketing event for the year. While Karin Kovacic travels to a number of events in her role as managing director of the East Coast region for Monroe Capital, she says the annual conference has been instrumental in building relationships that led to new professional opportunities.

In this episode of Middle Market Growth Conversations, the two also discuss which career level InterGrowth is best suited for, their favorite speakers from past years, and the worst mistake you can make when preparing for the conference. Learn more about InterGrowth at


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