Businesses Don’t Run Out of Money: They Run Out of Ideas- How to Creatively Increase Sales During Turbulent Times

From the National Entrepreneur Center:

We have all learned that we are stronger than we ever thought possible. Now is the time to use the strength you have discovered and put it to work for your business! The bottom line is that the world of sales we once knew is gone. The good news is that now is time to write your own rules. Suzanne will show you the creative and adaptive steps to take now, after and forever to skyrocket your business. Suzanne’s definition of sales- The difference between transferring inspiration and information. Learn how to:

-The difference between transferring inspiration and information
-How to forgive yourself for past mistakes and keep moving forward
-The keys to identifying what people need and how to sell it

Unhatching your resourceful side with an “If I can’ find it, I will create it” mindset


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