Does Your Website Comply with The ADA? What Every Business MUST Know

From the National Entrepreneur Center

The Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”) has been around for more than 30 years. However, in the last few years, increasing attention – and ensuing lawsuits – have focused on the accessibility of websites for the disabled. Along with the tremendously increased use of the internet and ubiquitous websites for commerce, this trend is only increasing. Indeed, Florida is one of the states that has seen the most lawsuits in this area.

What businesses do not know in this area can truly hurt them. There is significant risk, and increased likelihood of being a defendant in a lawsuit, for businesses whose websites do not comply with the ADA.

In this webinar you will learn from experienced litigation attorneys about these trends and issues, and how best to protect your business from being sued for disability discrimination because of its website.

Speaker(s): Keith Hesse, J.D., Firm Partner Dillon McColgan, J.D., Associate

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