Hacker Tools, Techniques & Reducing Your Risk

Hacker Tools, Techniques & Reducing Your Risk

Hacking techniques are ever-evolving. Social engineering, phishing, malware and more.  Hackers are generally after two things: data, money or usually both.  Compromised data can cost you a lot!   According to the Ponemon Institute data breaches cost more than $3.9 Million dollars last year.  Large companies are not the only targets.  A data breach investigation by Verizon showed that 43% of breaches were against small businesses.

Going beyond damage to reputation and recovery, a well-executed hack can actually put you out of business.  Educating employees on the most common hacking techniques can be more beneficial than you could image.  As a Certified Ethical Hacker & Information Systems Security Professional, Steve Hardee will walk you through some of the common tools & techniques used to steal your data, offering solution to reduce your risk.   Register for this Free online webinar today.


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