Navigating Florida’s Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

From the National Entrepreneur Center

NAWBO Lakeland Metro, NAWBO Orlando, and NAWBO South Florida have come together to host our first-ever Statewide Mixer!

We’ll be checking the temperature of women-owned business in Florida as we navigate into our future:

  • Did we stay the course and find our True North?
  • Did we change our destination?
  • Did we rebuild?
  • Or did we pivot completely?

Florida is all about tourism, so we wanted to find out how the tourism industry has been faring: Are we still in choppy waters, or is it smooth sailing from here on out?

This Tourism-themed event features:

  • a panel of fingers-on-the-pulse-of-the-travel-industry women leaders…
  • a chance to meet your next business bestie in one of our Florida-themed breakout rooms (Luxury Resort? Spa Day? Camping? Boating? We’ve got it all!)…
  • party-themed cocktail/mocktail for you to sip along on our virtual adventure…
  • raffle prizes…
  • and so much more!

We’ll also share how NAWBO helped us ride out the storm and come out the other side stronger!

Our fabulous emcee Aubrey Jackson will be at the helm, bringing her expertise and energy to our event.

So, grab your compass and a cocktail and #NavigateWithNAWBOFlorida on May 21st.


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