Revitalizing Business Post COVID-19 Quarantine

From the National Entrepreneur Center

We’ve all been shaken by COVID-19. Even businesses that are still functioning are finding the need to shift how they operate. Instead of waiting for the “new normal” to happen to you, it’s time to be proactive and create your own future. Learn to pivot by identifying opportunities around you and positioning your strengths to meet new demands.

As leaders begin to think about going back to “business as usual” it will be vital to recognize and plan for creating a new normal as we will not be going back.

1. Create an organizational culture that recognizes collective trauma

2. Train Human Resources on mental health first aid and the impacts of mental health on the workforce

3. Provide staff with clear policies, procedures, and resources to support them in returning to work

4. Train all staff to understand, listen, and ask for reasonable accommodation

5. Re-evaluate of responsibilities, workloads, deliverables, timelines and collaborative processes

6. Provide training and resources on empathetic economics and financial planning


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