Stay Mentally Strong During Crisis Recovery: How Can I Help You Feel Your Best?

From the National Entrepreneur Center

Staying mentally and emotionally strong is always important, and the never-before-seen stress of the COVID crisis has challenged us all. If you run your own business, you’ve likely felt doubtful about the future, and there’s always ways you can help yourself to feel more confident and equipped to take on the challenges to come.

Join Accion, Opportunity Fund, and MicroMentor for an important conversation about tapping into your entrepreneurial strengths and the experience of others.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from a trusted expert about how mentoring can help you feel more confident and equipped to take on challenges, with the goals of feeling a greater sense of accomplishment and improved psychological wellbeing.

We will cover:

• Defining ‘self-efficacy’ as a powerful motivator for entrepreneurs
• Psychological well-being as an outcome of self-efficacy
• The role of mentoring in cultivating self-efficacy and improving wellbeing in the times of crisis and beyond


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