Weaponizing Your Plan for Tax Efficiency & Armoring Against COVID-19, Presented by NestEggs

From the National Entrepreneur Center

Before COVID-19 the company retirement plan was viewed as a necessary overhead expense to attract and retain talent. Generic, commodity style plans permeated the industry and no one was discussing how the plan could be weaponized to mitigate tax and enhance net worth for owners. Post-Covid, business owners have tremendous revenue and demographic uncertainties and their current plan is now a financial risk.

In this webinar we will cover foundational concepts and governing deadlines of how to amend the different commodity plan types to cut costs and hedge against revenue uncertainty in 2021. We will then show how entrepreneurs that utilize a customized plan have more flexibility/predictability in their employee match AND can shelter distribution income from tax. Finally, we will analyze the difference between proprietary mutual funds vs institutional class mutual funds and chart the difference in return between the two when the market drops the way it did in March.


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