WEBINAR: Virtual Connect and Learn: Strategy to Increase Efficiency

From the National Entrepreneur Center

Let’s face it—you are in a unique situation right now. Your business is pivoting, moving and changing, and you are creating new habits every day. Today is an ideal time to focus on creating strong habits around what you choose to do in your business…and what you choose NOT to do in your business.

You can only do so much by yourself. At some point, you run out of time (and mental focus and energy!). The way to really grow your business, without increasing the amount of time you work, is to stay in your zone of genius, doing the work that you excel at and delegating the rest. After all, when you try to do EVERYTHING, something suffers.

Delegating can be tough. How do you make sure you empower your employees and subcontractors without micromanaging the work? (AND how in the world do you delegate if you don’t even have anyone to delegate to?)

Participants will learn exactly which tasks are—and are not—worth their time and understand a paint-by-numbers system to delegate effectively. Overcome the common delegating objections, “By the time I delegate it, I could have just done it myself” and “I spend all day answering questions, I never get my own work done!”


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