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CORT1Have you ever wondered what is the effect on employees who are working in structured, cubicle office style environments? Did you ever consider whether they would be more motivated or collaborative in an open style work environment?

Ever improving technology and advanced scientific research has given insight into the psychology behind the workspace. Today we understand there is relationship between the office environment and employees’ moods and attitudes. Having a colorful and open office environment promotes a more collaborative, flexible work environment for employees; in comparison to a stark, compartmentalized space that negatively affect employees’ productivity and disposition.

According to research done at the University of Southern California (USC), “Unmotivated employees cost the U.S. economy $450 to $550 billion a year in lost productivity.” No matter the size of the company, office design and furnishings affects the productivity of its employees, ultimately affecting revenue. The question is how does one go about redesigning a workspace with high quality, stylish office furniture to motivate a more productive work environment?

Out With the Old, In With the New

CORT Furniture Rental District General Manager, David Davis, is working closely with companies to all sizes to give them the flexibility of renting high quality, stylish furniture for short term, and not so short term needs. CORT is a national rental company with 56 locations, including a location in Winter Park. Although CORT has been a successful company for nearly 50 years, the rent-to-rent concept is very new to some.

“Not a lot of people understand rent-to-rent [financing],” David said. Let’s take for example, a CEO is in the market to purchase a car. He can either lease our buy, but his decision to make a sound purchase will vary on his priorities and personal taste. If the CEO is in need of an upgraded car to entertain his customers, leasing allows him the opportunity to have a more luxurious car for a smaller, monthly payment. Additionally, he can replace the car on a periodic basis as his needs change.

On the other hand, if the CEO doesn’t need a car that can be upgraded or changed on a regular basis, but instead wanted a reliable car to use for the long term, buying might make more sense. The same concept holds true with furniture. Companies have the convenience to rent furniture suitable to their unique needs when they want it, always staying current in style and design, and it can be removed when they no longer need it.

The Value of Choosing CORT

“CORT is the largest true ‘rent-to-rent’ company in the U.S.,” David highlighted.

CORT2Various industries have been serviced by CORT including technology, manufacturing, government, health care and the list goes on. There are countless reasons to rent furniture, including office renovations, short-term staffing, business continuity between locations, start-up business ventures or just the ever-changing circumstances that may arise. CORT also works with employees who are being relocated for temporary assignments, helping them find housing and furnishing their home with everything from furniture to housewares, electronics, even vacuum cleaners and linens.

In addition to working with companies and their employees, CORT offers furniture packages to individuals who are in periods of transition, whether it be a college student living off-campus, military personnel who have families and want to live off base, or someone who is downsizing from a house to an apartment. In addition to renting the furniture, CORT also offers delivery and set-up services, making it easier for people to turn their new place into a
comfortable home.

CORT has a separate Trade Show and Events division as well as a Party Rental division that can support product introductions and special events for businesses as well as individuals.

It’s All About You

“Rental is more than a furniture delivery…it’s a service. And the service we provide is what sets us apart,” CORT stated.

CORT3CORT stays with every customer from the beginning to the end and everywhere in between. Whether you are starting with bare walls or in need of a redesign, CORT offers a customized, cost-effective rental solution for every space, regardless how large or small, designed to fit almost any budget. Their professional space planners will design the perfect layout, whether it is a single family home or a 60,000 square feet office building.

Prior to delivery CORT will meet with the workplace customer and ensure that everything is well planned out, from reserving the elevator to coordinating with other service personnel, to ensure the end result is a productive work environment. The same process is in place for residential customers, making sure that every piece of furniture is exactly where they want it to go.

With decades of experience, an expansive inventory of office and residential furniture and industry knowledge that is second to none, CORT delivers customized, cost-effective rental solutions winning clients across the region.

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