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Pavement Preservation with Whitaker Contracting

By: Gabby Dance 

With a booming economy and tourism industry attracting millions of visitors every year, Florida needs smooth roadways to keep travelers safe. Luckily, Whitaker Contracting Corporation is stepping in with an affordable solution. Founded in Guntersville, Alabama, the company is helping Florida businesses and municalities save money and reduce their carbon footprints through pavement preservation with its asphalt surface treatment, High Density Mineral Bond (HA5).

Pavement preservation is the proactive maintenance of roads to prevent them from getting to a condition where major rehabilitation or reconstruction is necessary. Preventative maintenance costs are more economical than the ultimate repair cost.

High Density Mineral Bond (HA5)
HA5 provides an armor-like shell with high durability that extends the life of asphalt binder by resisting oxidative deterioration. It combines uniquely emulsified asphalt with a near-neutral charge that is able to hold an exceptionally high concentration of specific fine aggregates and other components that resist deterioration. HA5 also includes limited amounts of specific polymers to reflect and combat strong ultraviolet rays, which accelerate pavement deterioration.

Some of the benefits of installing HA5 include significantly extending pavement life, lowering the cost of pavement ownership and management, and having no loose aggregate or grainy residue on the surface after installation.

With more than 160 million square feet installed, HA5 is the choice pavement preservation technique of over 80 public agencies across the southeast and has proven results beginning with the Alabama Department of Transportation and growing across the region.

Proven Benefits
According to Jim Boxold, former secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation and chief of staff to Gov.
Rick Scott, HA5 solves an often-ignored problem.

“We all need to develop a sense of urgency about pavement preservation,” Boxold said. “Whitaker Contracting brings a proven innovative solution to you with HA5, which also saves you money.”

Saving money is one of the main attractors for many to install HA5. It costs over 10 times more money to reconstruct damaged pavement than it does to perform preventative maintenance. HA5 installations are also backed by a five-year warranty.

Preventing future reconstruction is also more environmentally conscious, something many modern businesses can get behind. Avoiding future repairs can dramatically reduce a project’s carbon footprint.

Installing HA5 also keeps pavement looking smooth. This service is primarily used in residential areas, businesses and parking lots, so visually appealing roads are important.

“It (HA5) is preserving roads and structures, and homeowners look at things from an aesthetic point of view,” said Linda Byrd, director of business development for Gardens Gilbert, a residential area in Phoenix.

Byrd said installing HA5 has been great for business because uncracked, beautiful roads are more likely to attract residents.

Tested For Perfection
HA5 has been independently tested by Nolte Engineering and proven to be the superior option to competing pavement seals, such as slurry seals, on residential roadways and parking surfaces.

In a 2009 study, a group compared the oxidative damage of an 11-year-old asphalt street with HA5 to a nearby street of the same age without HA5. The pavement with HA5 installed had 400 percent less cracking than the pavement without HA5.

Crossing State Borders
Whitaker may have started as a small-town company, but its business has no borders, as its advanced pavement preservation technology has been sought after by customers around the country. Recently, Whitaker has installed HA5 in multiple southeastern states, and HA5 has been installed in over 20 states from Florida to California. Its clients, ranging from school districts to residential areas, have raved about the results.

Recently, Whitaker has expanded its services to Florida. It has already completed projects in many Central Florida areas, including the city of Margate and St. Lucie County.

Florida’s tropical climate can be detrimental to bare pavement, making communities in the state ideal candidates for HA5 installation. The state’s continually-growing economy can also benefit from pavement preservation. Residential areas and businesses looking to upgrade their safety and aesthetic appeal can expect a longer pavement life after installing HA5. Saving money never hurts either, especially with public works departments having to do more with less.

A Name You Can Trust
Whitaker Contracting is celebrating its 60th year of experience in its industry. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, it has built a trusted brand with high customer satisfaction rates.

The company employs a team of highly trained professionals and is equipped with modern, heavy-duty machinery, such as those used for HA5. For HA5 to be properly installed, specialized equipment is required that can uniformly disperse the material. Whitaker Contracting’s team and resources make the installation of HA5 easy and time efficient.

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