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John Thomas - Novel Engineering

Novel Engineering

Novel EngineeringStarting something new can be a scary journey, especially when it’s your own business. Creating a business plan, obtaining funding, recruiting talent, the list goes on. Very quickly it can become overwhelming and clouds of hazy uncertainty can water down those entrepreneurial dreams.

CEO of Novel Engineering, Misty Marot, took on the challenge. Novel Engineering is a software, electronic hardware and systems engineering service and product provider. Novel specializes in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), and Research Design and Development for the aerospace, aviation, rail and control industries. The company is headquartered in a 15,000 square foot facility in Satellite Beach.

Building the Novel Dream Team

John Thomas - Novel Engineering
John Thomas

Novel Engineering started out of the Marot’s home. While maintaining her employment with Brevard Public Schools and keeping her eyes on her most important priority, being a mother to her two young children Cole and Caia, Misty began assembling her team. After successfully landing her first key employee, her husband Chris, a highly sought after and experienced engineer to oversee engineering operations, she focused on getting the right people to spearhead business development and marketing.

Misty’s next most valuable player to the team was John Thomas, vice president of business development and marketing. John formerly served as Assistant Vice President for Economic Development and later Associate Vice President for Athletic Partnerships for Florida Institute of Technology where he worked to develop relationships with aviation and aerospace companies around the world. He gained experience developing and overseeing corporate partnerships between the university and companies of all sizes.

In his role at Novel John has diligently been working to sharpen Novel’s message. “Instead of trying to be everything to everybody, we are placing a greater focus on the areas where our unique abilities can help solve our customers’ problems, providing them access to expertise that they may otherwise not have.” John believes focusing on learning how to best serve their customers is the first, most important step to build from moving forward.

Loving the Work You Do Makes a Difference

Misty values recruiting, developing, and cultivating her personnel in a way that meets organizational goals as well as the professional goals of the personnel. Her vision meets at a road of innovated collaboration instead of a one-way road of compromise.

“Misty has shown me a tremendous amount of faith and trust, handing me the keys to the business development and marketing departments and giving me the freedom and flexibility to run. I love having autonomy to build a team and accomplish goals,” John said. “I truly enjoy learning about someone’s problem and then putting the pieces of the puzzle together to solve it.” 

“You can have the best systems in place and a vision where you would like the company to go, but great things in business are never done by just one person,” Misty said. She highlighted Novel’s success being directly contributed to the many special people, like John, who have unselfishly devoted their time and talents to make our collective dream come to life.

Success Outside of the Office

After the team of experienced managers, highly skilled engineers, and talented interns/co-ops was formulated, Novel focused on optimizing their efficiency and effectiveness yielding great results with several respectable clients within the commercial market. Novel’s success led to their recognition as a Florida Companies to Watch recipient by GrowFL. They were recognized for their management team, competitive market position and strong community involvement.

In the next five years John would like to see both Novel and himself achieve great success, being in a position to give back extensively to the Space Coast community. Formerly serving as the Vice Mayor/City Council of Melbourne, President of the Greater Melbourne Police Athletic League and 15 years with the Melbourne Police Department as a narcotics detective, John continues to exemplify his efforts and commitment to see the Space Coast continue to grow as a safe, fun and prosperous community.

Misty believes small businesses are the pillar of a thriving community, providing meaningful careers and giving back to their communities in countless ways. Novel Engineering takes time to get involved with the community through education, collaboration and mentorship, proving to be an example of this belief.

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