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Fiddler’s Roofing Has Florida Covered

It is probably the most important feature of a home and, unlike the foundation, one of the first things people see. The roof is both a functional and an aesthetic architectural element, and in Florida, roofs must be able to withstand brutal conditions, and not just in hurricane season. Though some might consider economizing on other parts of their home, a defective roof will show its weakness at the worst possible moment, with devastating impact.

Hans Schaffnit leads the Fiddler’s Roofing office in Orlando.  The company’s other office is in Panama City and is led by Kevin Daus, general manager and owner.  The damage there is still clearly evident in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael; and Fiddler’s Roofing continues to work to restore the community.

Schaffnit started working in the construction industry for his uncle while in high school. After graduating from Ohio State University, he gravitated to home renovation and eventually made roofing his focus. Surprisingly, it was finding an opportunity on Craigslist for Fiddler’s Roofing that brought him to Florida, where he and his partners took over the company.

Unique for Florida

“Florida is unique in its construction codes for roofs,” Schaffnit said. “Because of weather conditions and storm damage in the past, the codes are much more exact and require a higher level of expertise than in other parts of the nation.”

Fiddler’s high customer satisfaction record and ability to help clients through what may seem like a labyrinth to get insurance companies to cover the full extent of the damage has built the company’s reputation across the state.

“Insurance claims and getting estimates that cover the complete cost of replacement or repairs can be challenging for the typical homeowner,” Schaffnit said. “Plus, they are already dealing with a very stressful, disruptive series of events. This is something Fiddler’s has built its reputation on.”

It is also one of the reasons Fiddler’s Roofing is always on the lookout for innovative solutions for Florida homeowners.

Forever Roof

Schaffnit went back to his native Ohio to find a product that he felt was the best solution for the Florida market. Isaiah Industries produces a metal roof that has all the aesthetic qualities of a tile roof, but is more durable, rated to 150 mph winds, is more energy efficient, and carries a fully transferrable warranty that is good for 50 years. Additionally, Fiddler’s has the exclusive installation rights for the “Forever Roof” for all of Central Florida.

Isaiah Industries, which produces all of its products domestically, notes that now, more than ever, it is seeing real issues with people buying substandard metal roofs. This, of course, leads to major problems down the road.

It appears that low-quality and perhaps even dangerously-produced products are being “dumped” into the United States from foreign manufacturers. While tariffs on foreign-produced metals have impacted U.S. manufacturers, fabricated products are coming into the United States tariff-free and at very low prices, presumably to make up for the decline in metal coil being shipped into the U.S.

According to Isaiah Industries, the best way to determine the quality of a product is to carefully examine the warranty from the manufacturer. Warranties should contain a product warranty from the manufacturer and an installation workmanship warranty from the contractor.

Lasting Value

Experience has taught Schaffnit that no matter how good a product is, it is the individuals doing the installation who make the real difference.

“One of the things we take a lot of pride in is how long many of our people have been with us, which is very unusual in this industry,” Schaffnit said. The job can be grueling, working on a roof that might be 30 degrees hotter than the temperature at ground level.

“First,” he said, “we pay our people really, really well. It is tough work and we are only as good as those individuals who are up on the roof.

“Secondly, we want to make sure they are able to take regular breaks and maintain proper hydration. Healthy, happy workers are what produces a high-quality end product, and we do everything we can to ensure that.”

It is the combination of happy workers and quality products that allows Fiddler’s to continue to gain market share and garner rave reviews from satisfied customers across the regions it serves.

This article appears in the July 2019 issue of  i4 BUSINESS.

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