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Amy Yoder | Anuvia Plant Nutrients

Amy Yoder can be hard to find. One week, she may be visiting potential international expansion, the next, she may be with fertilizer distributors in the Mississippi Delta. In between, she might be participating in a show horse jumping competition. She loves the pace, and as CEO of Anuvia Plant Nutrients, she understands the need to reach across the globe to grow her company.

Anuvia products start with biological waste from a wide variety of sources, primarily agricultural waste. At full capacity, the facility removes 200 tons of waste daily from landfills. After running through the Anuvia process, the organic waste is turned into approximately 200 tons of environmentally-friendly fertilizer for use in the agriculture, golf and turf industries. The company’s product releases nutrients evenly over the growing season, resulting in less leaching of nutrients into the environment as well as adding important organic matter to the soil, which feeds microbes and enhances soil health.

Yoder’s journey with Anuvia started in 2015, when she was named CEO. Her first task was to open the company’s first manufacturing plant in Zellwood. After raising $100 million from private capital and bonds to build the plant, she opened the facility in 2016, and the company began producing the professional turf product known as Greentrx. The company has since added two new products: Symtrx, for the agricultural markets of corn, cotton, rice and sugarcane; and AnuGreen, for the home and garden consumer segment.

The facility was built without government incentives, and the location was chosen because of the unique agricultural aspects of Central Florida. “We needed a place with access to raw materials, an excellent transportation system and a customer base,” Yoder said. “This area presented the best opportunity to showcase our product.”

Yoder has been relentless in growing the company’s presence and is a firm believer in partnerships. The company is currently partnering with Southern States, the largest farming cooperative in the country with more than 1,000 locations along the eastern seaboard. This partnership takes Anuvia’s products to crops — such as cotton, soybean and corn — from Virginia to Georgia.

As more agricultural users embrace the company’s product, Yoder has spearheaded expanding locations to build plants similar to the one in Central Florida. She is currently negotiating agreements with large agricultural companies in Europe, Brazil and New Zealand to test products there. If the tests are successful, the company will build facilities in these countries. Yoder is also working on expanding the company’s production footprint across the United States, and her background in agriculture helps close these deals.

Yoder is one of the few women in leadership in the agriculture industry and focuses much of her time increasing opportunities for other women. She is the former president of the Sigma Alpha Sorority Foundation, whose sole mission is to increase the number of women in this sector. Under her leadership, the foundation increased its revenues by 200 percent.

She is also a member of Clemson University Foundation Board, where she actively supports and promotes scholarships and development among youth. She is an active participant in International Women in Agriculture, a group that serves as a think-tank and discussion group on how to increase the number of women in agricultural careers. Yoder is also an active member in Field to Market, which is a coalition of companies from all aspects of the agricultural industry actively supporting sustainability across the industry. She serves on the board of directors for Compass Minerals and Arcadia Bio Sciences.

Did You Know?

Favorite book?

Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. It’s a story about the U.S. gold medal team of rowing from Washington state that overcame tremendous odds to win gold during Hitler’s Olympics.

Favorite movie?

Steel Magnolias, because of strong women, perseverance, family and great movie quotes, “Like two pigs fighting under a blanket.”

Most inspirational historic figure? 

Alexander Hamilton – from nothing to a founding father – and provided the vision for the republic we function in today, as well as a singular monetary system and a central government.

What Inspires You?

Doing what people say I can’t.

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