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What Moves You?

Over one half of all Americans have moved in the last 10 years and a little over 10 percent have moved twice. In 2016, of those who had moved, 39.53 percent were interstate moves and 60.47 percent were local. Not surprising, based on the school year and weather in much of the United States, over 48 percent of all moves happen between May and August. There are a wide range of reasons people move, from a better job opportunity, to affordability or a more attractive quality of life.

Quality of life is one of the reasons the four major metro areas of Florida — Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami — have so much attraction. The old adage, “Why not live where others come to vacation?” makes a lot of sense.

Florida ranks second in moves, below California and above Texas. In looking at interstate migration, more move from California to Texas, with moves from New York to Florida coming in second. Florida also leads the nation in number of residents moving in versus leaving.

What About Millennials?

For millennials, who are defined as 18 to 35-year-olds, they tend to flock to urban destinations like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. A new study by Mayflower indicates they are not making these destinations permanent homes. According to the 2017 Mayflower Mover Insights Study, which focused on millennial moving trends, two in five (41 percent) millennials are “vacation movers” — that is, they have moved to a new city without intending to settle down there permanently. Furthermore, more than half (53 percent) of millennials say they are likely to make a temporary, or “vacation,” move in the next five years.

“Millennials are a generation of what I call ‘adventure movers.’ Their motivations for moving are influenced by a sense of adventure, making these moves relatively short-term,” said Dr. Jeffrey Arnett, Research Professor in the Department of Psychology at Clark University. However, according to Mayflower’s study, the majority of millennials say they feel more positively than negatively when it comes to settling down in their current city. It seems that 30 is the magic number; about 51 percent of millennials who claimed they hope to settle down say they plan to settle down around age 30 or 35, and four out of five millennials, or 81 percent, plan to become homebuyers when they finally find a city in which to settle down.

“The relationship we’ve built with our corporate clients and their HR departments is like a recommendation coming from a trusted friend. That trust is something we work hard to maintain.”

– Chris Sorensen

A Moving Experience

Whether you are moving your family across the country, your business across town or your company is refurnishing a hotel with hundreds of rooms, it can be a stressful experience. You are turning your family possessions or the essence of your company over to someone else, so experience and trust go a long way in relieving apprehension.

“Every job is unique, and that’s how we approach it,” Chris Sorensen, president of Sorensen Moving and Storage, shared. “Although people are excited about the opportunity the move represents, they’re not excited about moving. We understand we’re sometimes getting people on their worst day, but that is where we make a difference. Not only do we have the assets to do the work, we have decades of experience. By explaining the process, we’re able to set expectations, and most importantly, explain how we will communicate with clients every step of the way.”

This is particularly true for corporate relocations. For an organization’s new hire, the mover is an extension of that company’s brand and culture. It is one of the first impressions personnel and their families, who are being relocated into the area, will experience. “For Harris Corporation alone, we handle more than 300 domestic moves a year and from 50 to 100 international moves, which require another level of expertise,” Scott Sorensen, the company’s CEO since 1977, explained.

“People can spend hours interviewing different moving companies before making their selection; it’s like hiring an employee,” he continued. “Corporations often times decide to direct all of their relocations to us in order to streamline the relocation process for their employees. The relationship we’ve built with our corporate clients and their HR departments is like a recommendation coming from a trusted friend. That trust is something we work hard to maintain, so every client receives the best service with the greatest value, at the most competitive pricing. This creates a great moving experience.”

“Although people are excited about the opportunity the move represents, they’re not excited about moving.”

Trade Shows

From the standpoint of visibility and credibility, exhibiting at trade shows gives companies a powerful platform for meeting new customers and reaching out to existing clientele. Sorensen is your partner in ensuring you are able to focus on why you participate in trade shows — your clients and potential customers.

Sorensen’s trade show specialists remove the headaches and uncertainties by providing climate-controlled storage and transportion of your displays. The company also sets up and tests the entire display, from video monitors to banners, in its spacious facility. After everything is brought up to show-ready specifications, it is repacked and shipped to your next trade show location.

“This market is very niche, but it has a lot of synergies with work we’re already doing,” Chris explained.


Trade shows are just one of Sorensen’s specialties; across Central Florida their reputation as a trusted logistics provider continues to rise.

Whether it is a 500-room hotel, upgrading or renovating its rooms with new furniture and décor, or setting up a clothing retailer for their next fashion season, Sorensen can handle all logistical needs. The company’s facilities can manage the storage and staging of the assets for an entire hotel, then deliver and set up each room, floor by floor, often while guests are occupying the other floors, minimizing disruptions to guests and staff. This type of precision service, which includes the technology that allows clients to monitor the movement of their inventory, is a clear differentiator.

Furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) and High Value Electronics are a vital part of business, especially in the hospitality, retail and medical industries. Computer equipment, product display fixtures and office furniture are all costly assets and need to be treated with care. Their team of FF&E specialists can meet the requirements of the most discriminating customers for storing, distribution and installation.

In addition, Sorensen has experience in relocating highly sensitive equipment all over the world. It has transported laboratory, medical and computer equipment for a variety of customers, from R&D facilities and school laboratories, to hospitals and retirement homes. This includes MRIs and imaging equipment, to X-ray machines and centrifuges. Sorensen is dedicated to secure and on-time services when it comes to the fragile and time-critical nature of these shipments.

  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Medical and Lab Equipment
  • Retail Fixtures
  • Telecommunications

Moving Into Position: Resources

When a family purchases a home, it makes a statement about their sense of permanence and the connection they have with the community. The fact that Sorensen has made significant investments to own its storage, staging and logistics facilities says a lot about the company’s commitment to serving the regional market. “If you need someone to store a truckload of bricks, we probably aren’t the company you need,” Chris said. “But if you require specialized handling and unique environmental conditions, that’s one of our core competencies.”

The company’s Orlando facility covers 124,500 sq. ft. on 13 acres. It is strategically located near the crossroads of the Florida Turnpike, SR 528 and Interstate 4, near the Orlando International Airport. “We’re at the epicenter of the local and national transportation grid,” he continued.

As impressive as these facilities and fleet of trucks appear from the outside, it is what goes on inside these warehouses that makes them unique. An automated inventory system enables clients, both personal and corporate, to track their inventory through a cloud-based system.

As you drive into the company’s Orlando facility, one of the unique features you immediately notice is a scale or weigh station right on the property, normally seen only along interstates. “This helps our efficiency and transparency; clients can come here and see us weigh their loads,” Chris explained.

Melbourne boasts an equally impressive storage facility, and both are fully climate controlled and dehumidified with ample storage space to accommodate almost any size moving project. Customers’ storage vaults are safely and securely stored in individual containers and tracked on a computerized storage locator system approved by the U.S. Department of Defense. What cannot go in containers due to irregular size are stretch wrapped and stored on special racks.

As important as facilities and technology are, one thing Scott has learned in the 40 years he has run the company is that it is the people he hires, trains and leads who make Sorensen special.

“I often use football analogies with our staff. We have a team, we’ve developed a game plan, and we even call the fiscal year ‘our 12 game season.’ What every team realizes is each player is crucial to success in the game,” he said. “Special teams can win or lose a game, just like the offense or defense can. I make sure our people have that sense of dignity and devotion to bring their best to every customer, every time. It’s the only way everyone wins.”

Moving Forward: Three Generations of Service and Commitment

Sir Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” We all have benefited from the foundations laid and built upon by others. For Sorensen Moving & Storage, that holds truer than for most.

Scott’s father, William H. Sorensen, started the company in 1956. He moved his family from upstate New York to Melbourne seeking a new business opportunity in an area that was rapidly expanding thanks to the genesis of America’s space program. Scott, the fifth of six children born to Kay and Bill, was just six months old when the family relocated and Sorensen Moving & Storage opened its doors to the community.

Scott, a standout athlete on the high school football field, lost his father in his junior year, and his mother took over the business. Earning a football scholarship to the University of Miami, he later transferred to the University of Florida, where his older brothers were studying medicine and law. But the demands of the business drew him home, and he began leading the company in 1977.

It was a tough time on the Space Coast when the Saturn Program ended and the launch of the first Space Shuttle was still four years away. “I remember that summer,” Scott recalled. “We had a small warehouse, one truck and a three-man crew. I literally drove around town looking for homes with ‘for sale’ signs in their yard. I would knock on the door and solicit their business.”

His perseverance slowly paid off, as Sorensen Moving & Storage established its name and began to recover. Soon the company relocated the business to its current corporate headquarters and continued to expand.

Chris came to work for the company at about the same age his father did years before. Scott likes a young workforce around him, which can be seen at both of the company’s facilities. “Young people bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm and a completely different perspective on the business,” he said. Of course, it also plays into his bent for coaching.

Over the years, the company has seen a great deal of growth and success, making it one of the most accomplished, family-owned moving companies in the industry. Along the way, the awards and recognitions are too numerous to list.

Sorensen Moving & Storage

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