Building Our Momentum

By Jim Thomas, CEO, Orlando Tech Association

The role of technology has shifted drastically in recent years. Today, when we ask what constitutes a tech company, we should actually be asking what is NOT a tech company. In our modern society, a traditional real estate company can use machine learning in their advertising, communicate by video chat, show property through virtual reality, sign documents securely through the cloud, transact the purchase with bitcoin, and transfer the property title with blockchain. Sounds like a tech company to me!

Technology greatly enhances our capabilities. Our phones and tablets, which can sometimes seem like time wasters, are enabling billions of people to connect and co-create in an ever-evolving magnitude of ways. A connected teenager in sub-Saharan Africa can access the world’s top professors on platforms such as Coursera, meet people globally with similar interests through social media, find gainful employment on Fivrr, sell products on Etsy and raise funding for a business idea on Kickstarter.

Technology, in its purest form, is the extension of human potential. True creativity is a serendipitous connection of people and ideas. The more of these “collisions” that can be fostered and generated, engaging people who have different ideas, the more creative a person, company or city will become. This is why we need more meaningful opportunities to allow creative people to meet and exchange ideas.

Another way we can use technology is to bridge the divide between those in tech and those working on positive social change in our community. We can highlight those who are working day after day to make Orlando and Central Florida a better place for all of us. We can help them apply technologies that amplify and accelerate their work. Through those connections, collaborative and scalable tech is harnessed for good in service to our greater community. Those successes can then be shared and replicated throughout the world.

Introducing Momentum

From its powerful co-creative, community-building iteration in 2017, the Orlando Tech Association is excited to announce Momentum 2018. Momentum is a platform of civic problem solving, bringing together creative thinkers from Orlando’s independent sector, business and tech communities. We believe technology can be the conduit that develops solutions that will lead to purposeful and powerful community engagement and advancement.

Participants from Orlando’s vast tech and business communities are invited to gather with community organizations dedicated to making our region one we are proud to call home. Independent community organizations, doing well by doing good every day, can identify a real and immediate need they face and present it as a community challenge. We ask these organizations to think big and describe from first-hand experience the desired outcome they wish to see if they had the technical expertise already on staff.

We invite you, our community of tech executives, developers, designers, marketers, instructional designers, HR directors, accountants, sales wizards, customer service mavens and all professional doers to join in. Whatever your specialty or experience, we welcome your unique perspectives as caring creative thinkers to ensure the best results as we address the challenges introduced by our participating community organizations.

Through this experience, teams will coalesce and build customized solutions for the presented challenges. We will use our diverse experience and collective tech expertise to prototype and test solutions the teams will then present as their final accomplishments to a distinguished panel of judges.

We invite you to come discover your creative power for building community good. Join us for this rewarding collective engagement toward a more collaborative, inclusive and connected Orlando.

Visit MomentumORL.org for more information and to get involved.

Events & Initiatives

Technology, in its purest form, is the extension of human potential. True creativity is a serendipitous connection of people and ideas.

2018 Innovation Hub Initiatives:

  • Space & Transportation
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Health Tech
  • Gaming & Mixed Reality
  • Additive & Advanced Manufacturing

Want To Learn More?

For more information on the Orlando Tech Association, please visit OrlandoTech.org.

Jim Thomas is the CEO of the Orlando Tech Association. He can be contacted on social @JimThomasORL or at www.OrlandoTech.org.

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