From Tourism to Healthcare: Wearable Technology Streamlines the Experience

As the most-visited place in the United States, Orlando is naturally often at the center of discoveries in technology designed to make the experience of traveling, exploring and immersing oneself in the destination as simple as possible. With smartphones, we’re more prepared than ever with a camera, translator and GPS at the tips of our fingers — as long as we remember a portable charger — and companies like Airbnb and Uber have altered the way we experience our adventures.

On top of these fast-moving developments, the potential for application in other sectors presents even more opportunity. The point of technology is to better our world, to improve our quality of life. Some companies have found ways to adapt the technology they’ve developed for the tourism and entertainment industries into products for other uses, including healthcare.

One of those companies is the accesso Technology Group, a firm based in Berkshire, England, with 10 locations worldwide including Orlando. The company has been working in Central Florida and throughout the U.S. for more than 15 years to optimize the guest experience through its technology at more than 1,000 venues. Locally, these include Gatorland, The Holy Land Experience and ICON Orlando.

The company’s list of products is extensive, but it’s the latest technology that has paved the way for a partnership with Henry Ford Health System. The company recently announced it will implement The Experience Engine Platform, known as TE2, at the Henry Ford Cancer Institute opening in Detroit in 2020.

“TE2 is an experience management platform, and it works by gathering customer data through mobile, online, kiosks and more to engage consumers in the moment,” said Paul Noland, CEO of accesso. “For example, a family visiting a theme park might be alerted via their smart phones to a perfectly timed lunch offer or insider tips based on their previous visits. TE2 creates touch points and provides contextual information to help guests make the most of their experience.”

The company’s extensive knowledge of experience-based technology — with more than $20 million spent on research in 2017 alone — stood out to Henry Ford Health System, which recognized a chance to leverage this same streamlined data-gathering approach to ease stressful and overwhelming situations.

“Leveraging the data-driven insights made possible by this integration will keep patients informed and engaged, reducing stress for both caregivers and patients,” Noland said. “The technology will also help streamline daily operational processes because patient data will be seamlessly integrated with electronic medical records.”

The TE2 Platform will offer patients tools including:

•Concierge service identifying the patient and family by name as they arrive.

•Real-time point-of-care and way-finding support while inside the Henry Ford facilities.

•The ability for patients to provide a list of care preferences and to order food during their stay.

•The ability to make payments via smartphone.

•A way to accept and provide feedback and communication.

•Proximity alerts so family members know how their loved one is progressing through an appointment.

“This pilot program will give accesso the ability to continue developing the technology,” Noland said. The goal is to expand to other medical facilities, making the patient’s healthcare experience as easy as navigating through a theme park.

“Although we are rooted in different markets,” he said, “Henry Ford shares our commitment to innovative and exceptional customer experiences.”

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